Extensive home renovations are exciting. You can modify your home to completely meet your needs, update old fixtures and substantially increase your home’s value. But what do you do with your stuff during a home reno project? 

Sometimes throwing drop cloths over your possessions just won’t cut it. Renting a storage unit can be an easy, cheap alternative to get your stuff out of the way while your home is a construction zone. When you don’t have an extra room to stick your stuff in — or your home renovations are so extensive that a single spare room isn’t big enough for all the things you’ll have to move — a self-storage unit can keep everything safe, clean, and out of the way until you’re ready to settle in to your newly remodeled casa.

Rent a Storage Container

If you have a driveway, and local ordinances permit, you might want to rent a storage pod or container to stash your stuff while keeping it nearby. This is usually the most convenient option, since you don’t need to rent a truck to move everything — you can just carry it out and stack it up inside the pod. If you need access to your stuff while the renovations are going on — and who wouldn’t? — you can still get to it because it’s right outside your house.

You can keep a storage pod on your property for as long as you need to store your things. You might need permission from your homeowners’ association, town, or village to keep a storage pod on your property for any length of time. You should make sure to get any applicable permissions before you have the thing delivered. Get a lock for it, too — it’s your responsibility to keep the pod secure.

Rent a Self-Storage Unit

If you can’t keep a storage container on your property, a self-storage unit rental is the next best thing. Even if you just need to store furniture, a storage unit can be a great alternative to trying to cover everything with drop cloths. When you stash your furniture in a storage unit, you won’t have to worry about paint, dust, or other debris of construction getting it dirty, staining it, or otherwise damaging it. It won’t be in the way of the contractors. It won’t be in your way, either — and you’re going to have a lot of things in your way while you’re having your house remodeled, so you might as well keep obstructions in the home to a minimum.

When you’re looking for self-storage units in Spokane or wherever, you might want to look into getting a moving truck to transport your stuff to the facility. Ask about discounts on moving trucks for leaseholders. Many storage facilities offer free moving truck rentals to unit leaseholders. You could save a few bucks and get your stuff out of the way at the same time.

Benefits of Using Storage During Renovation

There are plenty of good reasons to store your stuff while you’re having your home renovated. As previously mentioned, storing your things protects them from damage during the renovation, which is important, because accidents tend to happen in construction zones. You’ll be able to focus on the important things, like saving money on supplies, getting your project done right, and getting back to normal life in your new home, rather than protecting your stuff day in and day out.

You’ll be able to make room in your home to store the materials needed for your project. Your home will be less cluttered and messy, although you might not notice, because it’ll still be pretty cluttered with construction supplies, tools, and workers. And if the project takes longer than expected — and it will — you won’t have to worry about continuing to store your things. You can rent out your storage unit on a month-to-month basis, so you can extend your lease as long as you need to and end it when it works for you. 

Remodeling your home can be hectic, but it can also be fun and rewarding — especially when the contractors finally leave and you can enjoy your newly modified space. Don’t spend the whole renovation worrying about your furniture and decor — move it all into storage, so you and your contractors can focus on getting things done.