If you’ve been thinking about getting into the habit of writing notes, cards, or letters to the important people in your life, then you’ll want to understand the best ways to write them, including ways to sign them.

Think of all the different types of notes you might be sending, from a message of condolence to a note celebrating the joyous occasion of a birthday or wedding. Each type of note will require different ways of signing it. Take a look at the following ways to conclude your note or letter.

Close With Care in a Letter to a Friend 

Let’s start with the type of note that likely has the most flexibility, as each friendship has its own unique characteristics and levels of formality. 

When you’re writing to a friend, you get to choose any closing, such as “with love,” “take it easy,” or “see you soon.”

No matter which option you choose, remember always to keep your messages positive. You may want to include a thoughtful friendship quote

Offer Sympathy in a Letter of Condolence

A note of condolence conveys a different tone and must be treated with care. Knowing how to sign a card or note in this situation is important.

Maintain the warmth of your message and stay in tune with the situation by signing off with something simple such as “in sympathy,” “my condolences,” or “thinking of you” to let your recipient know that you care.

Use Professional Language in a Formal Letter

When you are writing a letter in a more professional setting, you will want to keep your tone formal, which means you don’t want to use any slang or off-the-cuff language. Instead, keep messaging polite, positive, and on point by signing it with “sincerely,” “best regards,” or “respectfully” to maintain a proper tone.

Acknowledge Gratitude in a Thank-You Letter

If you have received a gift or a helping hand, or you want to show someone appreciation, then you’ll want to leave the recipient of your letter feeling like you mean it.

The best way to convey this sentiment is with a sincere closing, such as “thanks again,” “gratefully yours,” or “thank you for everything.” 

Put Some Love Into a Letter to a Loved One

You’ll often want to send a note to someone with whom you have a close relationship. In these cases, you can be less formal with your messaging.

This intimacy offers you great flexibility with your messaging, but you can still stay with the classics, such as “love,” “with love,” or “lots of love.”

Conclude a Letter With a Postscript

If you are writing a friendly letter, you might have a side note to share. It’s not uncommon to include a postscript to your letter after your signature. This addition is fine in many informal letter-writing situations, but you’ll want to leave it out of a formal letter or note.

You’ll find many occasions to write a letter or note. Consider the ideas above for inspiration when you’re looking for a way to sign off a note or letter.