The electrical profession in Wisconsin is growing quickly. Rapid construction here offers major increased opportunities for electricians. According to the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS), no person may engage in business as an electrical contractor unless the person is licensed by or registered. This guide will help you in the process of earning your Wisconsin electrical license and Wisconsin Electrical License Renewal.

 Types of Electrical Licenses in Wisconsin :

 There are few types of electrical licenses available in Wisconsin.

Apprentice Electrician:

You will work under the supervision of a master’s electrician.

Journeyman Electrician:

You will work along with a master electrician in jobs that include electrical panels, lighting fixtures, wiring, etc.

Master Electrician:

You can work on your own. You can supervise apprentice and journey electrician and even own an electrical contracting business. The master electrician also has the skills and experience to tackle more complex projects and also responsible for creating electrical plans for buildings and also do inspections.

How to get an electrical license and requirements :

The first step is to complete an electrician program, several school programs in Wisconsin that have electrician programs. It takes only two semesters to complete. Being an electrician requires the basic ability to do the math, specifically algebra. You’ll learn practical skills, first aid, and some scientific aspects of electricity in the electrician program.

Along with the school course, you also need to complete the apprenticeship program. It will take at least four years. After completion of the apprenticeship, you should apply for a journeyman electrician license by completing a test by the department of safety and professional service. After this, you can write a test for a master electrician. This test cover portion is the same as the journeyman test. This license valid for 4 years.

3 Steps to renewal Wisconsin electrical licenses:

Step 1: Wisconsin electrical license renewal should be done every 4 years on June 30th for Master Electrician, Journeyman Electrician, and electrician Inspectors.

Step 2: To renew your Wisconsin electrical license, you must complete 24 hours of continuing education before the expiration date of 30th June. Your license type will decide the number of hours required.

Here are some popular Wisconsin Electrical License Renewal hours:

  • For Registered Electrician, it takes 24 hours every year.

  • For Master Electrician, it takes 18 hours every 4 years.

  • For Journeyman Electrician (Residential, Industrial ), it takes 18 hours every 4 years

  • For a Registered master electrician, it takes The license doesn’t expire, so no renewal is required.

Step 3: On completing your continuing education, you will receive completion certificates for your records and submit them directly to state the Department of Safety and Professional Services. Along with records, you should also pay the fee. Renewal fees vary based on your type of license.


Lastly, it is important to remember that you cannot work as an electrician without a state license as per the rules of Wisconsin Safety and Professional Services.

Also, you cannot work with an inactive Wisconsin Electrical License. Renewal should be done based on the regulation.

Also, Wisconsin license holders who also work in the state have a reciprocity agreement.

However, during renewal, if all steps are submitted, you can still practice as an electrician while everything in the process.