Today, with the proliferation of the online casino, a traditional casino experience is possible. At JackpotCity online casino you can have the best bonus offers in online games and have a wide variety of games in complete safety. 

But you may not know how those online casinos came about, or the curiosities there are around them. We will explain it in this post.

Curiosities about casino’s history

Where do casinos come from?

Gambling halls existed long before casinos, at least since 1638, when the Ridotto di San Moisè opened its doors in Venice (Italy). At that time, nobles gathered to organize illegal card games, the origins of poker gambling.

What is the origin of the word casino?

The word casino originated in Italy and referred to the country houses that were used by the nobles as leisure centres. We are talking about the 19th century.

When did the first online casino come about?

In 1994, online casinos began to be licensed on the island of Antigua and Barbuda, but it was not until 1996 that Microgaming was able to develop the technology that allowed it to play safely. Since that time, the industry has not stopped growing and innovating.

The traditional casino opens the door to the online casino

Traditional casinos have given way to the online casino, in which one can play card tournaments, play live roulette or slots as if he were physically in the live casino, but with the comfort of home.

Other curiosities that you may not know

Professional players prefer full tables.

A crowded gaming table means more time to think. And that, for more experienced players, is rewarding, because it gives them more opportunities to win a final prize, even if it is courtesy, which depends on the time the player spends at the table.

Free casino awards 

These awards vary depending on the amount wagered by the player. How often you visit the casino and the games. They can range from promotional material to free meals, show’s tickets and concerts, free hotel stays, airline flights, and even paid vacations. Prizes that VIP players can also win at online casinos today.

If you are from Monaco, you cannot play in Monte Carlo.

Residents of the Principality of Monaco are prohibited from playing or accessing the Monte Carlo Casino. All by a royal decree of Prince Charles III in 1860. But not all is bad news for them, thanks to the income from the casino, Monegasques do not pay taxes.

And if you don’t want to gamble, and you live in Ohio (United States), you can prohibit yourself from accessing casinos in the region. Ohio State law allows it.

Counting cards is legal, but they can throw you out if they catch you

Card counting is a common and lawful practice at the blackjack tables. It is a matter counting cards that have already been dealt and those that remain in the deck. But if the casinos catch someone counting cards, they can kick him out of that table and even out of the casino. To avoid counting, casinos make slight rule modifications, and dealers shuffle the deck more frequently.

As you can see, the world of casinos contains curiosities that give light and colour to traditional gambling halls, which you also have at your disposal online, in your own home.