Ready for a whirlwind guide to heating? Well….

Keep doors closed. Make sure curtains are open only during the day. Get a draught excluder & buy some thicker bed sheets.

There you go.

That’s everything every other article on the internet will tell you about saving money on home heating this winter. You go could away right now back to the homepage and read some other articles here on the site (this one on the Best Ways To Enjoy Winter At Home is great). Still, if you really want to know how to save on home heating, especially if you’re working from home every day and don’t want usage to skyrocket, I’m going to let you in on a poorly kept secret.

When it comes to saving money on home heating, electric is your best friend. You might now be looking over a small plug-in heater or fan in the corner of the room and wondering how that’s even possible when they seem to suck up energy faster than coins in an arcade, but that isn’t the type of electric heating I’m talking about. Instead, I’m talking about electric radiators. They are, in my opinion, the one thing that everyone should be telling friends about like it’s some fantastic heating gossip.

Electric radiators are going to save you money on heating, and I’m about to tell you why.

Lifetime running costs

So your first reaction to me telling you to get an electric radiator will hopefully be “well how can it save money if it costs money to buy one?”. If that were how we thought about everything, I wouldn’t be so eager to get a new PS5 when I have a perfectly good (albeit dusty) PS4 in my living room. 

Saving on home heating should be thought of as a long-term goal. You’ll want to use electric heating as a means to save money over the years, rather than weeks. If you can lower your reliance on oil, gas & coal at home, especially if you only need a radiator to heat a room or two, it makes sense to switch over. 

Depending on what your local electric rates are as well, you could find it cheaper by the penny (remember, you have to look after them so those pesky pounds will look after themselves) to use electric over more traditional/practically archaic heating methods. 

I mean, if your car can be powered by plugging into a wall, why shouldn’t your radiators? And speaking of plugging things in…

Room for so many activities

Pop quiz; hands up if you have at least one room in your home where a radiator is in an awkward position? 

Thanks, you can put your hand back down now. If you’re always banging the back of the door off a radiator, or there is a sofa or chair which has to sit awkwardly in front of a radiator, let me tell you about another magical secret of electric radiators; they can go anywhere you want.

All an electric radiator needs is a plug and a few brackets to hang on the wall. Don’t believe me? Look at some of the radiators at to see what I’m talking about. You can treat a radiator like shelves or artwork and hang it anywhere you like as long as you can plug it in nearby. They’re so versatile you’ll wonder why you ever lived with clunky old radiators in the first place.

No water needed

Another great thing about electric radiators. Do you know how you have that one radiator which is the farthest from your boiler and takes the longest to get warm? Imagine if that waiting game didn’t exist? Electric radiators are closed units with nothing coming in and nothing coming out. That means no pipes, balancing your system or doing that cumbersome annual tradition of bleeding the radiator while trying to avoid water sputtering on the wall. 

It’s just plug in and go. Can you pick up on the theme here of how unbelievable electric radiators can be for home heating?

Staggering your heat

In the winter months, you’ll tend to turn heating on around dinner time, have a cosy time on the sofa and then nip up to bed, where your bedroom can get colder much quicker than you expect. Electric radiators can be independently timed to knock on and off whenever you like. You can even do it in the bathroom to avoid those mornings of tip-toeing around while waiting for the shower to heat up (I can sense your toes getting cold just thinking about it)

Time to go electric

There you go. Those are just some of my thoughts on why electric is amazing at helping you save money on home heating this winter. If you’re looking for more inspiring ways to make life at home all the better, read the latest DIY & home improvement articles here.