Whether you’re residential or touring the city, one place that is sure to leave you mesmerised is the Waterview restaurant in Sydney. The view is simply breathtaking and is recognised as a top spot for tourists. Also, it has an outstanding architectural design and is a place where the heritage of Sydney is protected. 

If you’re seeking to throw a party or host an event, your best bet is a bar and grill Waterview. There are several functions at the bar and grill restaurant Waterview that you can hold. You can treat your loved ones on a special occasion, from Father’s Day celebrations to wedding anniversaries. Here are the top seven functions you shouldn’t miss out on in Waterview. 

Father’s Day Celebrations

Father’s Day is incomplete without a Father’s Day celebration in Waterview. You can’t thank your father enough for all he’s done, but you celebrate him by ordering a Tomahawk steak. Interestingly, all orders for tomahawk steak come with a free schooner of beer. To ensure that you and your dad do not miss out, you must book a reservation ahead of time.

Mother’s Day Celebrations

Mothers are indispensable. Without our moms, we won’t be in the world today. Therefore, giving your mom a treat on this special isn’t a bad idea because she deserves it. If your mom loves burgers or seafood, she’ll love the options available at bar and grill restaurants. 

There is a wide range of food options ranging from steaks to salads and pasta. Every bite of the meal will be etched in your mom’s memory. Also, you can top it up with a glass of sparkling wine or cocktail while immersing yourself in the beautiful view.


A birthday is a time to party and have fun because you’re a year older. Another function at the bar and grill that you should never miss is your birthday. Thankfully, there are several mouth-watering cuisines you can enjoy on your special day. 

Also, you don’t have to bother about the environment not being conducive for such a special day. The atmosphere is relaxing with a breathtaking view of the North Shore.

Bridal showers

So your sister or one of your besties is getting hitched, and you’re planning a surprise bridal shower. There’s no need to fret looking for the best place to host this memorable event as bar and grills restaurant Waterview got you. You and your ladies can enjoy many drinks like mojitos, cocktails, martinis, beer, and other exotic drinks from the bar. 

Wedding Anniversary

Slow dance with the love of your life in your arms and a smile on both your faces is possible. Celebrating your wedding anniversary is another function in the bar and restaurant Waterview that you shouldn’t miss. The tasty meals and awesome backdrop can only ignite love in your heart for your partner. There’s no doubt that that night will forever remain in the memory of your lover.

Business meeting

Sometimes the right atmosphere and food can make business meetings more productive. While it seems odd to host a business meeting at a bar, a bar and grill restaurant is perfect for business meetings. Also, it has the right food and is the best location to host meetings related to business.

Graduation parties

College grads aren’t left behind in the fun as you can host your graduation party in a bar and grill restaurant. If you and your friends want to chill after your graduation, the bar and grill Waterview is the best location. There are snacks and exotic drinks that you can savour. Also, you can dance like there’s no tomorrow as you enter another exciting phase of your life.

To Wrap It Up

Waterview is a place with a rich culture and palatable cuisines. From seafood to burgers to steak, you can enjoy delectable meals in this beyond the beautiful city. If you’re in for more than just the excitement and scenery, the bar and grill Waterview offers amazing meals. Also, you can get to host functions at bar and grill like father’s Day Celebrations.

There’s no better place to have a good time, unwind, hang out with friends and eat sumptuous meals than the bar and grill restaurant Waterview. Host your business meetings or get together with your favourite people in this amazing restaurant right in the heart of Sydney.