If you’re one of those who like playing ARPGs with a heavy emphasis on navigation, weapon variability, character and map customization, then you should check out Path of Exile. Now’s a good time to give a try to this game if you’ve never played or a new. Path of Exile, without any break, has been expanded and updated since its official release in the year 2013 and “Betrayal” is the massive update yet, was released in 2019 for all major gaming platforms. Here we’ve concluded a guide to selecting a character class in PoE as well as the guides introduce the Gem and Skill Systems and Picking up Weapon.

First of all, the Path of Exile seems similar to that of Diablo at first glance, but the developers’ concepts are quite different than Diablo. The differences of Path of Exile from Diablo along with the complex interlocking mechanics that can overwhelm new and returning players alike. In the game, the character class guide will help you out in selecting the best class through your first play sessions when approximately everything seems unfamiliar.

The game lands with up to seven playable character classes and six of them are available at the starting point of the game, and one will be unlocked upon the completion of a set of objectives. All character classes are described by how they mix the main tree attributes of Dexterity, Strength, and Intelligence. It seems quite simple, but believe me like most things in PoE, it’s not.

There are seven character classes, such as:

  • Marauder
  • Ranger (Strength)
  • Witch (Dexterity)
  • Duelist (Intelligence)
  • Shadow (Dexterity and Strength)
  • Templar (Strength and Intelligence)
  • Scion (Intelligence and Strength)

You may also like know that each of the six character classes can be a further master with the option of Ascendancy cub-class. Both types such as Ascendancy and Scion will be unlocked after the completion of Labyrinth somewhere at level 33. You’ll be able to unlock the Ascendancy classes using the PoE currency, but before doing the thing you should take some time to become familiar with them.

Armor, Skills, and Weapons

While the developer doesn’t set any limitations on abilities or gear in Path of Exile, Weapons and Skills are accustomed to the three different attributes that will define each class. Therefore, Ranger will perform the best with ranger-oriented weapons and armor, but they can also take advantage of gear specially designed for Duelists and Shadows who share the reliance on Dexterity. The ranger class can also use the full plate of Templar, but the speed-based game will be affected by the heavier armor. In the game, active skills can be obtained by connecting same-colored gems to gear, instead of activating nodes available in the Skill Tree.

A Perfect Way to Choose Character Class

Choosing a character in the game is really as essential as you start playing the game. In the starting, it is a bit confusing, but once you get familiar with all elements, it becomes quite easy to choose. Therefore, at the beginning choosing a better character class matters, because it represents you in the game and your all tactics and skills. So if you want the wrong class, then you’ll never overcome all the obstacles because you can’t maintain the balance between you and the character. Another reason is that you’ll perhaps by selecting a new character class often because PoE is specially designed to include starting over as a standard part of the gameplay.  Mostly time, the developers are running an optional challenging league with unique randomly generated maps, items, and challenges. However, the challenge leagues will also run with a new economic system means everyone who plays in the game can start from ground zero with his newly opted character class.