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One of the things that we consume on a daily basis but never pay much attention to is our water. Young or old, male or female, we consume a lot of water. It’s one of the basic necessities of life. We cannot live without it. But have you ever thought about where the water is coming from? What are the ingredients and are they good for you or not? If you have thought about it then you must have done some research on the tap water that comes to your house.

As long as it is coming from a local source, you have to think real hard before using it. The local water that you get from your tap is chemically treated and goes through a lot of processes before it reaches you. These chemicals include chlorine, fluoride, among others. When we talk about chemically treated municipal water, there is a lot more than just turning on the tap and drinking it.

That is one of the reasons why a lot of people prefer to get well. Whether you are looking for quality well pumps Orlando or anywhere else, here are some of the benefits of having water well that can help you decide:

What is well water?

To put it simply, the water that comes from the land is called well water. You can also call it groundwater. You may or may not know this, but there is water under the ground. It is underneath a house, under apartments or anywhere else. if you dig deep enough, you can get to it easily.

A well is something that is dug into the ground so that you can easily tap into this unlimited source of water and use it for any purpose that you like. You can use it for your home, for your office, or for any other purpose. A well is not a new concept; it has been used from time immemorial for drinking purposes as well as other purposes. It is being used almost everywhere around the globe, whether you live in an urban area, a village or anywhere in between.

First of all, you have to dig a hole into the ground that is deep enough to get to the water reserves inside the earth. Then you install a pump that is used to pump out the freshwater and get it to the structure where it will be used.

How to get your well water tested?

Sometimes you get well water that might have too much of some ingredients or might contain bacteria. That is why when you go for a well, make sure that you know how to test the water or if you don’t know, you should know the proper authorities who can do that for you.

One of the options that you have is to get a DIY water testing kit. These are easy to operate and don’t cost a lot. You can get them for a few dollars to a few thousand dollars depending on what type of test you want to conduct on the water.

Your second option is to contact the local authorities and ask them about how to collect the water from your well so that you can send it to the laboratory for testing. Make sure that you also ask them for labs that do their work in a professional manner so that you can get exact results.

Different states have different regulations. Some might ask you to test your water twice a year or more. You can check with your local authorities and find out all you can about water testing.

Benefits of Having a Well

Here are some of the advantages you will get when you get your own well:

Well Water is Cheap

One of the best advantages of having your own well water supply is that it is highly cost-effective. In fact, it is almost free. All you need to do is to pay the upfront cost of high-quality pumps and getting the water tested. Once it is done, you are scot-free and don’t need to pay water bills ever again. although the municipal rates for water aren’t that high, but if we take into account the fact that an average person uses almost 80 to 100 gallons of water each day. If you have four people living in your house, make those 400 gallons a day. Multiply it by 30 and you can find out just how much water is used in your house every month. The more people you have in your house, the more water bill you have to pay. When you opt for a well, you put all those tensions behind you.

Well Water is Reliable

We all trust the water that we drink daily. We completely take it for granted, until the day that someone falls ill. There are a number of reasons why the water you get from the tap is not good or healthy enough for you. There might be some damage to the lines that come to your house and you have to live without water for any number of days.

There is also the boil water order to consider. If the government thinks that your water may be contaminated with certain pathogens, they might ask you to boil the water before drinking it. There are numerous other emergencies that make your usual drinking water a hazard. The older the pipes and the infrastructure are, the more chances of something going wrong. If you have your own supply of water, you don’t have to worry about the above-mentioned problems anymore.

What’s more, you know exactly where the water is coming from and you know that it is not treated with any chemicals whatsoever.

Well Water Is Environmentally Friendly

If you care about the environment, and we know that you do, then you are always looking for ways to go green. Getting a well dug in your home is one of the best ways to do that. Well water is naturally filtered and you don’t waste a lot of energy in getting it to your house. You also don’t have to treat it with chemicals. 😛


So now that you know all the benefits of getting your own well, what are you waiting for? Just contact the best company to get yours well dug and do yourself and your family a favor. Is the municipal water that you are currently drinking badly for health? Not at all. But when it is treated with chemicals to kill the pathogens and get rid of any other debris that might be in it, the treatment also causes some of the beneficial bacteria to die. This is why well water is healthier than ordinary water.