Traditions are hard to maintain and even harder to forget once they have died. Traditional gambling used to take place in land-based casinos and betting shops. The majority of the clientele was male and the age group was mixed. The environment wasn’t inviting to many, especially female punters. The games of choice amongst male punters were sports betting in betting shops and traditional table games at casinos. This view of gambling remained in place until the online gambling revolution transformed the gambling landscape in 1996. 

Gambling Opens Its Doors To The Masses 

What the introduction of online gambling essentially did was to dismantle the traditional views of gambling – click to join top sites UK. It brought in new punters from new backgrounds and this included far more females. A larger choice of gambling games was made available and these appealed to a wider audience than what had come before. More females moved away from bingo because of the lure of online slots. Interestingly, men also left behind sports betting and table games and also tried their luck at slot games 

Online Casinos The Preferred Choice 

Since the shift of gambling brands to online gambling, these virtual casinos have become the preferred gambling outlets for punters. Men have left behind the betting shops and land-based casinos and embraced the slots world and playing slots has become a common and popular pastime. Slots are practical since they can be played from the comfort of our own homes or whist on the go 24/7. Despite this, recent research has discovered that 39% of online slots players are female and they are also attracted to the convenience that online slots offer, they also prefer the anonymity that an online casino gives them. However, the main portion of slots players is male and their common hobby has become more of a social one. 

Are Slots Social Gambling? 

Can something that is considered to be a solitary experience such as playing online slots actually be social? High rolling slots players have been sharing their gaming exploits with the public for some time now. These streamers are mainly male gamblers, but some female slot players have begun sharing their hobby with an audience as well. Some gamblers see slots as more than a hobby and try to make some serious money from these virtual machines.  Another popular hobby amongst slot players is entering online slots tournaments and competing with fellow online punters for cash prizes and free spins. Again, it’s mostly male players who enjoy the competitive edge to slots tournaments. 

Final Thoughts 

Gambling is still a man’s world, but not to the degree it used to be. Slots are the most popular form of gambling for men and many see it as a hobby that can be indulged in on a regular basis. It suits the form of gambling that males are attracted to, it’s fast, dangerous and for the time being, the stakes and risks are through the roof.