Slots are the most popular forms of gambling out there at present and this is especially the case with online gambling. This is quite an achievement when you consider that slots online came to the gambling table much later than other forms of gambling.
This is obviously down to the fact that the technology needed to create such gambling machines, simply did not exist until the 19th century. This is much like the fact that although computers existed long before online casinos were invented, the technology to create online casinos was not available until events allowed for the first online casino software to be developed in 1996.

Slots Online

With the introduction of online casinos and virtual slots boosting the popularity of these games, punters now have a huge choice of slots to spin. The industry online has also generated new terms that punters have had to familiarize themselves with. RNG or Random Number Generator is the name given to the computer microchip that churns out millions of number sequences continuously and these are transformed into casino spins. Obviously when a computer chip churns out so many number sequences, many are going to become dead spins and many are going to be winning spins, who gets what is simply down to luck.

RTP Scores

You can actually increase your chances of getting winning spins by opting to play slots that have a high RTP score. This is basically a percentage score that every slot carries with it and it is worked out over thousands and sometimes millions of spins. The final percentage score gives punters a rough idea of how much of their staking money is likely to be returned to them in winning spins over a large period of spins. Slots are designed differently and some have a much higher score than others. These are the ones that give you the best chance at winning on slots and this is despite the RNG. If a slot has a high RTP score it is also described as having low volatility. Only those who can afford to withstand hundreds of dead spins should consider taking on Low RTP slots, with high volatility.