Technology is dramatically changing how designs are done. Whether it is in architecture, engineering, or someone just trying to design the best and latest product, adding 3D technology to the designs are a sure-fire way to bring things to life. If you aren’t sold on using 3D technology whenever possible, here are just a few benefits on why you should consider it. 

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

We have all heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. However, if it is a 3D picture, would that be worth a million words? The amount of detail you can see when an ordinary image is made to be 3D is immense. It is like looking at a brand-new picture as the details just jump right out at you. Don’t you wish we could see the Mona Lisa as a 3D image?

Easier for Others to See Your Dream Come to Life

If you frequently make designs for your career, you know for a fact that a 2D image does not adequately represent the image that is in your head. You may have the perfect design for a customer, but seeing it on a piece of paper can be less than overwhelming. However, presenting them a 3D image of your design can ensure they are blown away by your work. If you have messed around with 3D design before but didn’t feel like you had the skills for it, you can easily resolve your problems with SolidWorks. From design to manufacturing, they will have you covered. 

3D Technology Better Represents Actual Dimensions

Looking at an image on a flat piece of paper can make even the best projects appear elementary. Can you imagine a 2D design for remodeling a room compared with a 3D image of the same project? It is like night and day. With 3D images, it makes it all come to life with dimensions that you can see for yourself. Measurements are jumping off the screen as size is more noticeable on a 3D image. 

3D technology is only going to become more prevalent in all industries. Rather than drag your feet and be slow on accepting the change, you should try to be one of the first ones at your company to start using it. The higher ups in the company will definitely take notice of your ambition and reward you for your forward thinking.