These days there is no limit to the range of sporting events that you can bet on, and within each sport there is a wide range of markets where you can place your bets. Not all sports make for the best betting options however so if you do like a bet, there will be some certain sports to avoid. 

Today we are going to take a look at the very best sports to gamble on, which have great odds, great markets, and the chance of an upset from time to time. 

Betting On The Golf 

Because of the fine margins in the game of golf, it is very rare for a single player to consistently deliver on the course. This makes for some fantastic odds for tournaments which gives you a great chance of winning when you bet on golf. Golf is also great for lay betting, especially if you fancy an outsider and they end up doing well across the first couple of rounds. There are many markets to bet on and plenty of chances to win. 

Betting on Football

Football is by far and away the sport with the widest range of markets and no matter what it is that you want to see in the game, you’ll find that there is a way to bet on it. From match outcomes to the number of corners, goal scorers and yellow cards and even betting on the minutes in which a goal will be scored. There are often upsets which happen in football too, and in-play betting means that you can actually place a bet as you are watching a game, once you have a feel for it. 

Betting on Snooker 

If you enjoy watching the snooker then you’ll be pleased to know that you can also have a bet on the game too. Naturally you can bet on who will win the game or a tournament, but within this you can bet in-play on many other markets. For example you could bet on who will win the next frame, how many points will be scored, what the biggest break will be and even what the next color potted will be. This helps to add some fun to your snooker watching and you may even win those bets, allowing you to bet more as the game progresses. 

Betting on MMA

MMA is a tough sport and to be the best consistently is very difficult indeed. The reality is that you are only ever a punch away from your fight being over, and that is what makes the sport so exciting. Not only does this make it exciting, but it also means that you have a great chance of picking an upset when you bet. There are also bets like method of victory and whether or not the fight will go the distance, opening up far more betting opportunities. 

These are the top sports to bet on, which offer excitement and plenty of chances to win that bet.