Anyone who enjoys going to concerts and other events knows that one of the biggest limits on the number of shows you can attend is usually the price. Thankfully there are a number of different ways to save money on your next big event.

– Social Media Deals

Both the venues and the groups that are throwing or participating in an event will often post some coupon or discount code to their social media profiles. These will often be posted right before tickets go on sale or when a certain target has been met. Following the venue and the talent is the best way to know when these deals come out. Usually they will announce any promotion across multiple channels, so you can choose if you want to follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or any other website where they have a social media presence.

– Coupon Websites

There are a number of different coupon websites that showcase the best possible deals available and that offer their own promotions as well. Websites like MUD WTR coupon, Groupon, SeatGeek and Wadav coupons work together with the venues, artists, and sponsors to bring you the best possible deals. These sites are usually very easy to search and find deals on as well. These sites will also have flash sales and limited time discounts, making it important to subscribe for updates on your favorite events to get the best possible savings.

– Local Fliers 

Some groups and venues will have something called a street team. This is a group that goes around putting up fliers and different information about the venue or the group. These will sometimes contain a coupon, discount phrase, or some other way of saving on admission. These will usually be located throughout the city and some events will have mobile street teams that drive around hanging out information and coupons as well. Look on telephone poles, bulletin boards, and at local venues to see if any of these options are available.

– Magazines

While this option is a little less likely than others on this list, music magazines will often have coupons included. The same can be said for magazines that represent certain venues or that have interviews with new artists. These coupons will often be valid for very specific shows, season passes, or will have a limit on the number that can be redeemed in a day. These are getting rarer with each passing year, but if you do find one of these codes, they will usually be quite rewarding.

– Local Media Websites

Finally, local news and radio stations will often have coupon codes or exclusive deals available on their websites and via their on air programming. These will usually be available right before or after an interview with someone who is involved in the event. Many media websites will have coupons for local sports teams, performances, and concerts. These coupons will usually need to be redeemed on a very specific website or in a specific place at a very specific place, making it important to read the fine print.