It’s rare to see someone scrapbooking with thick binders, photo prints, gluesticks and decorations like stickers, glitter and paper cut-outs. This new digital age is not as enthusiastic about the hands-on craft, but that doesn’t mean that scrapbooking is gone — it just means that there’s a brand-new way to show off your photos.

The traditional practice of making a family album with printed photographs has changed with the availability and accessibility of technology. It’s common to take photos of everyday activities like having a coffee, reading a book or playing with a pet and then to share these moments instantly with friends and followers. A great percentage of these pictures remain digital and will never be placed in an album off of social media — most people don’t print photos anymore because they are easier to store digitally instead of making a physical album. Scrapbooking is time-consuming and sometimes frustrating, especially if you end up smudging, tearing or ruining a physical copy. Luckily there is a way to combine the convenience of digital files with the warmth of an old-fashioned scrapbook.

The website photoroost is restoring the family photo album tradition by using pictures stored on your phone, your computer, your social media platforms and every other digital format. You can transfer your favourite pictures into the user-friendly software and create a beautiful and professional-looking album without the need of gluesticks or plastic photo sleeves. The website lets you make your own photobook in a variety of customizable formats like a wall calendar, a mini book or a family yearbook. You can organize the layout of your album, add intricate designs, headings and comments so that the results are completely personalized. When you have finished putting together the entire album, you can order it and have it delivered to your front doorstep. It takes the same amount of effort as creating a digital album on social media, but in the end, you will receive a glossy and gorgeous photo collection to hang on your wall or place on your coffee table.

If you don’t have pictures that you want to display in an album, take this moment to get inspired and take some photos for a brand-new collection. Since the website is designed to let you upload digital files, feel free to take photos with your smartphone, your tablet or your computer. If you happen to have a high-quality digital camera, it’s also simple to download your pictures from your camera so that you can transfer them to the website. Be prepared to take pictures of events that you want to show off in your album, like weddings, birthdays, family reunions and baby showers. Take as many photos that you can so that you can look through the possibilities and whittle them down — it’s better to have too many options than too few.

The practice of making a precious family photo album has adapted to the popularity of modern technology. The use of digital files doesn’t mean that scrapbooking is a forgotten art — with the help of a website like photoroost, the old-fashioned hobby has gotten a fresh makeover.