It is often when our children start driving that many of us fully accept that they are now grown up and adult. While learning to drive was once all but inevitable for young adults, the rise of services such as Uber are slowly rendering personal car ownership a thing of the past. However, that future, should it arise, is still some time away. Until then, most of our children will grow up to learn how to drive, and when they do, the general feeling it triggers in parents is a mixture of pride and fear.

There is something scary about knowing our children are out there on the roads, after all, we all know how dangerous they can be. The generation of kids who are learning to drive now are lucky to be living in the safest time to be a driver in the Unites States. In fact, driving is only getting safer and this is reflected in the design of cars and the accessories that are available to owners.

When it comes to choosing the right car to be your child’s starter, there are probably a whole host of questions rushing through your head. Naturally you want the car to be as safe as possible, and should the worst occur and your child finds themselves involved in a crash, you then want a car that will roll with the impact.

Safety is your first priority especially for a new car owner. If ever you’ve been injured in a car accident, immediate medical assistance is a must even if you think that your injuries are not severe. Rosengard Law Group lawyers share good insights on what to do and not to do after a car accident.

Here are the most important things to think about when choosing a car for your child. These considerations will all help you to make sure that safety is a priority.

Seat Belts

Seat belts are the first line of defense against any sudden impacts. Seat belts are designed to prevent crash victims from being ejected from the vehicle and also stops passengers form being launch into seats or dashboards. Every vehicle will have seatbelts by law (with a minimal number of exceptions), but designs can vary slightly.

If possible, opt for adjustable belts. These allow you to alter the position of the shoulder strap, so they are therefore better suited for larger drivers, or in some cases shorter drivers. A seat belt at the incorrect height can cause damage to the shoulder during a crash.

Head Injury Protection

In the event of a crash, while locked into the seat, occupants of a car are kept from tumbling around the inside of the car. However, the head can still be jerked around, causing whiplash or even a broken neck. Having the head properly positioned against the headrest helps mitigate this, but some cars have head restraints which are specifically designed to enhance safety during a crash.

Ignition Interlocking Advice

We all trust our children, but they are only human, and humans make mistakes. Students love to party, and a student who has just learned to drive will be in high demand at parties and other gatherings. However, alcohol and driving do not mix. Alcohol can lead to bad decision making and, well, lapses in judgement can occur. An ignition interlock device keeps the wheel locked until an alcohol-free breath sample is provided.

When buying your child’s first car you will naturally want to make safety a priority. Consider all of the above points when looking at cars and decide which vehicle gives you the most peace of mind.