If you have already heard of Agile project methodology then you might wonder whether it is the right way of working in your business. There is no doubt that this is now a hugely popular way of running projects, but who in your company is most likely to benefit from it?

The following are the different areas of the business that are likely to be positively affected by making the switch to working in an Agile way. Which of the benefits are of most important to you right now?

The End Users

The most important point in any type of project is that the end users need to get processes or systems that suit them. Yet, sometimes it is a lack of communication that leads to results being delivered that aren’t what anyone really wanted to get.

How many projects are classed as failed simply because the business area staff thought that they were going to be getting something else? This is a common reason that projects fail but shouldn’t it be fairly easy to avoid?

It can also be the case that the details of what is needed are lost in translation. If the project team go away with a set of requirements and work on them without ever going back the end users then there is the risk of delivering something that doesn’t meet their needs.

The way that Agile projects work is that the project team and end users regularly review progress and test what has been produced to date. This approach ensures that any mis-understandings are cleared up quickly and that the project remains firmly on track.

Two of the major benefits of the Agile methodology are that excellent results are delivered and that the project is speedily concluded. The end users are the people most likely to be pleased to see these benefits.

The Project Team

Working on projects is generally an interesting, varied type of role. However, traditional methodologies have some drawbacks that can lead to frustrating moments for the people who use them.

Among these issues are delays, lack of user feedback and having to stick slavishly to a plan that doesn’t work. All of these issues are addressed by switching to Agile projects.

As we have already seen, this methodology is all about working speedily and taking into account any feedback from the team as well as results from testing. This leads to projects that are fast and enjoyable to work on, with a great sense of teamwork and of reacting positively to any challenges that pop up.

It is also worth noting that Agile methodology is now widely used in many different companies dotted across the planet. This means that anyone getting Agile courses London is giving a huge boost to their future career.

The Stakeholders

Project stakeholders have a tough job in keeping the work on track without stepping on the toes of the project teams. If they get too involved then the project team may accuse them of trying to control things too much. If they stand back then they risk losing all control of what is happening.

Since Agile has regular reviews and meetings built into it, stakeholders can easily stay up to date and add their own feedback without any fears. The fact that these projects are designed to run speedily and produce results that satisfy everyone means that life should be a lot easier for stakeholders anyway.

By moving over to Agile methodology you should see how it is highly beneficial to everyone in your business who has anything to do with the projects that you run.