Slot games, in general, seem to give a harking sense of nostalgia when playing them at For some, this is because of vacant memories of being in the pub with your parents and looking at the colourful fruit machines, for others it is the resemblance some themed slots have to the video game we played as kids, and for lots of other people it reminds us of the television shows that we would watch when we were younger.

Sometimes it can be a difficult thing to try and recreate our childhood memories, but there is an easy way out and that is through online cartoon based slot games! The internet holds tonnes of cartoon based slot games, some of which hark back to your youth and others indulge a more modern take on the recent cartoons.

We are here to take you on a trip down memory lane and to discover what the kids are watching these days!

Nostalgic Cartoon Based Slots

Whether you were a big fan of superheroes, the classic cartoons, or beano, we have listed out, just for you, a few of the top nostalgic cartoon slot games that will certainly leave you yearning for your childhood to come back!

  •         Popeye – The internet has a plethora of Popeye themed cartoon slot games for you to play, make sure you keep your eye out for those cans of spinach and maybe your account will pop like Popeye’s biceps!
  •         The Simpsons – With so many characters it is hard to assign your favourite one. So, worry not because online slots will have a Simpsons slot game for whichever character is your favourite.
  •         Dennis the Menace – One of the most destructive yet seminal nuisances that the Beano comics offered us. Denis, our English classic, will take you through the online slots with Gnasher and his slingshot.
  •         Beavis and Butthead – This utterly crude television show may not have been your cup of tea, but the Beavis and Butthead cartoon slot games certainly may well be. Get up to all sorts of mischief with them and hopefully run away with the loot!

Check out some of these cartoon slot games online to get a rush from the past!

Modern Cartoon Themed Slot Games

We may not completely understand why kids these days do funny dances and play silly video games, but they are the future and it is certainly worth checking out what they are interested in and their influences on online slot games.

  •         Emojis – You know those annoying little smiley faces that people send on their mobile phones. Well, you can now play heaps of slot games based around them!
  •         Family Guy – You might remember The Simpsons as a far superior television show, but Family Guy is one of the newest kids on the block stealing the cartoon slot game limelight.
  •         Rick and Morty – Just like in the above, Rick and Morty is a cartoon similar to Beavis and Butthead. If you fancy an alien adventure with a couple of laughs along the way then head on over to the Rick and Morty cartoon-themed online slot games!