It seems that these days there isn’t much that the global online retailer Amazon will not try and get involved in and their Amazon Prime video streaming service is a great example of that. In fact my ex-colleague David Serna, a very intelligent man, predicted a number of years ago how he thought that Amazon would end up moving through a variety of business platforms as they made more money. Back then I felt that David’s predictions were somewhat optimistic, as it happens they have superseded what he originally believed. 

Amazon have bolstered their Prime service through the creation of their very own movies and TV shows, and the All or Nothing Series is a core part of this. The series has covered Manchester City through a season, the Atlanta Falcons and even the Brazilian national soccer team, but what should we make of this?


The first question which you must ask yourself is whether or not these documentaries are realistic, and the answer is a mixed one. There are certainly some incredible scenes which are taking during matches and in the locker room which  give you the feeling that you are very much a fly on  the wall, a great deal of those emotions are clearly real. The interviews are of course very real but when it gets to the board room level and negotiations or player meetings, in the main these often feel very staged. 


If you are a sports fan then what I would say is that the cameras will take you right behind the scenes of the teams and will give you a very clear insight into things which we previously could only have speculated about. There are of course some explosive moments too which you would never usually have seen. The truth of the matter is that we often put these sports stars up on a pedestal and they become untouchable, at least we have over the last 20 years, these series do a great job of making those players and coaches human again. 

Take Aways

There are a number of takeaways from the seasons that Amazon have so far put out, the first is the sheer desire to win from all players and staff members involved in a club. We can often criticize coaches or players for ‘not wanting to turn up’ or similar things, but the truth is that you can see the clear desire which so many have win. Another takeaway here, especially when it comes to the soccer players, is that  their life really does not appear to be very exciting at all. Of course they are making great money and they have the cars and the houses, but the role of being a footballer itself only seems to be fun during match day, every other day is a borefest of nutrition, massage, monitoring and the occasional kicking of a ball. 

These are good documentaries which any sports fan is going to love.

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