It would be fair to say that rhinoplasty hit the reconstructive surgery industry with a storm when it first entered the market. At first there were a lot of sceptics, but as time has progressed this has become one of the most popular procedures carried out by a plastic surgeon.

One only has to take a look at all of the good reviews on the internet to see the effects that rhinoplasty is having. However, there is more to this surgery than meets the eye. This is the reason we have penned today’s article, as Dean Toriumi reviews some of the less obvious reasons why rhinoplasty procedures are so popular right now.

It can help improve your breathing

If you have bad breathing problems, there is a surprising chance that rhinoplasty can help you out. This is because many of the procedures will correct structural problems which impact the nose and ultimately, make it much harder to breathe through.

To coin an example, a lot of people have a crooked septum. This is really crucial from a breathing perspective, as this is the wall which sits between the nasal passages. If it is obstructed in any way, it stands to reason that breathing difficulties might occur. Not only that, but nosebleeds become more common as well.

It can also help with any sinus issues

Similarly, it has been known for a rhinoplasty procedure to help with sinus problems that a patient might be experiencing. The basis of a sinus problem is that the area becomes blocked and ultimately becomes full of fluid. If this starts to happen on a frequent basis, there’s a small chance that a structural problem with your nose might be the reason behind it. Suffice to say, this type of surgery can ease these structural issues.

The snore-factor

For as long as the world has spun around, we seem to have been hunting high and low for things to help stop, or at least reduce, snoring. Well, funnily enough, a rhinoplasty might have just the effect.

Like both of the above two issues we have commented on, snoring can occur because of structural defects with your nose. As such, when you do come under the knife for your rhinoplasty surgery, this is something that might be resolved very quickly.

Let’s cut to the chase – appearance matters

While all of the above benefits to the rhinoplasty surgery are completely accurate, let’s hone in on the real reason why so many people are turning to this.

Sure, they might receive a “side benefit” through their better breathing or fewer sinus problems, but more often and not the primary reason surrounds their appearance. For one reason or another, they don’t like how their nose looks, and by correcting it through this procedure they can suddenly gain a lot more confidence in life. It has been found that a symmetrical nose can make a person more attractive – and this seems to be the main motivation behind this surgery nowadays.