In the event you had one too many drinks and got pulled over, where do you turn now?

Fighting a DUI can put stress on your personal and professional lives.

That said finding a DUI lawyer is imperative for you to mount the best possible legal defense. Without the right legal counsel, you could have to defend yourself. If that is the case, your odds of winning or even getting a good plea bargain deal go way down.

So, will you do all you can to not let a DUI charge leave you stranded?


Which Lawyer is Best for You?


In trying to find the perfect legal counsel to defend you after a DUI charge, do some research.

Sure, you can’t take months to find the right lawyer. Depending on if you fight your case, you may have only a few weeks before your court appearance. That said start the search immediately.

That search should involve finding a lawyer offering the following:

· Experience – Even with great young lawyers out there, you have better odds to win with experience. That experience means years’ in the courtroom. With all that time in the courtroom, your lawyer of choice should have won the majority of his or her cases.

· Keeping you in the loop – Although your lawyer could be working on many cases at any time, they need to keep you in the loop. Whether through phone calls or email, they should update you on the status of your case. Doing so allows you to mount the strongest defense possible.

Discrediting the Prosecution’s Case

In looking to win your case or at worst get an acceptable plea deal, your legal counsel needs to discredit the case.

This begins with reviewing how the arresting officer or officers handled you at the time you on the road.

Among the areas to cover:

· Were you read your rights when arrested?

· If given a breathalyzer test, was it administered in the correct manner? If not, you could have your case thrown out on those grounds.

· If there was a blood draw, did it get mixed up with another suspect’s lot?

· Is there any sign to suggest police planted evidence in your vehicle? This could include an open alcohol container.

Investing in Your Future

Not only is a DUI charge now a problem, it could also hurt you down the road.

For instance; what about your current job or one that you are hoping to get?

Many employers will not look too kindly on a DUI charge and especially one that leads to a conviction. Some will see the DUI as a sign that individuals were not responsible in making decisions. If it happens outside of work, such a bad decision could happen on the job.

It is also important to keep in mind that a DUI charge and then a conviction can hamper you if you drive for a living.

Truck drivers, delivery people, taxi cab drivers etc. are all on the roads for extended periods of time. As such, companies are not going to have favorable views of those who are careless behind the wheel.

To lessen the chances of a DUI charge leaving you stranded, find that lawyer who can make all the difference.