Traveling is one of the true pleasures in life, and if you are fortunate enough that to have the money, time, and physical ability to travel, you are certainly one of the most fortunate people around. Maui is one of the most beautiful places on the earth and one of the best ways to get there is on a Hawaii cruises.

There are so many amazing places one can travel. If you enjoy the snow, there beautiful mountains on nearly every continent that can strike your fancy. You can engage in winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, while you visit winter chalets, and make snow angels at the foot of some of the world’s largest and most beautiful mountains.

If you looking for a beautiful location that has warm sun all year round, gorgeous beaches, cool tropical breezes, natives who are friendly and inviting, and all of this to be in a first world country, your choices become limited. You might be able to find a few of these attributes in first world countries but certainly not often the combined set of attributes.

One of the places where you can find all of these things and even more is on America’s 50th state, Hawaii. And Hawaii’s most beautiful island to explore and discover is Maui, a tropical paradise that is ready to be your favorite new destination. The best part is that when you come you can stay in a great hotel or even better stay at one of the amazing rental homes in Maui.

Why do people love Maui so much, and why do they keep coming back. To help you understand what they have discovered, here’s some of the things they see and do when they visit Maui.

Haleakalā National Park

At more than 33,000 acres, Haleakalā National Park has five different climate zones and the largest land area of any property on Maui. It also features the amazing Haleakalā volcano which is the highest peak on Maui and has been dormant for more than 400 years. It is now a major tourist attraction. You enter by car or bus and can drive to the most features areas of the park including the summit and crater. You can also drive along the coast and view the unique flora that thrives in the park.

The park features days of hiking trails up and through the mountain and even into the cone of the crater where lava once flowed. There is a visitor center where you can get directions and purchase memorabilia. There are other parts of the park where you can experience one-of a kind views of the Pacific Ocean.

Perhaps the highlight of the park comes from what you can view from its interior. The sky is so pristine your view of the nighttime sky and its stars is unmatched and thousands gather every day to see the sunrise and sunset from the park, which has sometimes been called the most beautiful on Earth.

The Road to Hana

The road to Hana is recognized as one of the world’s most beautiful drives and this has been confirmed by many who have ventured it throughout the decades.

The 64.4-mile serpentine two lane road from Kahului to the small town of Hana at times snakes around high jungle cliffs that go plunging into the sea allowing for breathtaking revealing panoramic Pacific Ocean views. At other times it cuts through thick jungles filled with bamboo and Norfolk pines, giving you access to sacred waterfalls and swimming holes, lava tubes, and dozens of varieties of tropical flowers. There are also many places to stop and eat along the way.

The trip demands that you take it slow and easy and enjoy every mile because there is certainly much to see along the way. Bring swimming clothes so you can partake in the many opportunities to swim along the way and bring the camera for sure because you will never have better photo opportunities.  There are places to eat and rest (you will need both), and do not expect you mobile phone coverage to extend through much of the trip (you won’t miss it). Each mile along the trip is laid out by mile markers. There are a few high points of note on the trip.

The Twin Falls (Marker 2) – Perhaps the best reason for you to bring your swimwear on the road to Hana is the Twin Falls. If you get on the road to Hana early you might be thinking that you do not have an interest in getting into cold water this early in the day, but remember, the Maui is a dormant volcano or a mountain and any of the water flowing down them will be either cool or icy-cold if the type that is invigorating and refreshing. When the water from the Twin Falls cascades over you, your body will be fully awake and ready for the trip. Near to the Twin Falls is the chance to buy fresh fruit and different types of juice for your trip.

The Bamboo Forest (Marker 6) – For a great chance to do some light hiking, stop at the Bamboo Forest, Step off the road and immediately be transported into an ancient time when there was only wilderness like this. The calm and tranquilly that hits you is almost eerie in the beginning and then you remember that this is how it was before man built cities and drove cars everywhere. Spend some quiet time here appreciating nature at its finest.

The Seven Sacred Pools (Marker 42) – This attractions is actually in Hana, so you will see the small town first and realize that the trip was not about getting to Hana, it was about taking the amazing drive. The town itself is very uneventful with nice beaches and places to eat. But head up the highway a few more miles and you will come to mile marker 42, where you will the Seven Sacred Pools. Here you will offered a gorgeous and picturesque location and another opportunity to take a dip.


A Luau is the official cultural dance of Hawaii and Maui has more than one doze to choose from. You can pick those aimed at families or couples and in either case, you cannot go wrong.


Remember this is an island world famous for its romantic beaches. Rather than our picking one just head toward a coast south or west side of the island if you are not on one and you will find a gorgeous spot to do get some sun and do watersports. Same with snorkeling and scuba. Maui has tons of ti and all of the exotic marine life you would expect.

There is so much more to do, including helicopter tours, shopping, golfing, ziplining, and parasailing. And at night there are discos, barsm and some of the finest restaurants serving the best seafood.

Maui is a paradise that makes you feel like you are at home with enough for you to do always at your fingertips. Or if you want to do nothing, there is more than enough space to do that as well!