It is the perfect time for a lot of people to sell their homes. A number of things have converged to make this the ideal time to place their home on the market. Here are a few of those reasons:

  • They can no longer afford it. COVID has not been kind to many people. They were never more than a paycheck away from homelessness. Now, they are several paychecks down, and no job to make up the shortfall. They are now motivated sellers.
  • They need to move for work purposes. A lot of companies have scaled back to a barebones position. But some companies are doing just fine. They have to go where the work is.
  • Some hard-hit neighborhoods are experiencing tanking property value. If your home is losing value, it might be time to get out and save as much value as possible.

When selling your home, timing is everything. But it can be very costly to sell too quickly. It is important that you slow things down a tick and take stock to make sure you are not missing some small detail that could mean thousands. Here are some of the things you need to do if you want maximum value from your most valuable asset:

You Can Do Better Than Yard Signs

There’s nothing wrong with making a yard sign to declare your house for sale, but most people have become blind to yard signs. They are too common a sign to really get your property the attention it deserves. It might be helpful to think out the box a bit more, such as looking to local events.  Local events such as your local farmers market can help your promotional efforts. Your realtor could set up a branded display tent such like ones from Ins’Tent as a way to network with locals in your area who may want to buy the house or know someone, friend or family, looking to move into the neighborhood.

Be sure to pair that with professional business cards, flyers, and brochures. The right buyer will be driving past your property. But they will not stop to inquire if you don’t make your marketing effort stand out. It is okay to sell your home yourself. Just don’t forget to market that home as professionally as a top agent would.

Refurbish the Little Things

You might not need to do a full remodel. But if you are getting ready to sell your home, you will definitely need to do some pre-sale refurbishing. You might not have to replace the handrail on the staircase. But you probably need to have it refinished. You don’t have to replace the windows. But you do have to get them professionally cleaned. You don’t have to replace the floors. But you do need to get them looking their best.

We all go a little blind to the little things that can hurt the final sale price. Before putting your house up for sale, walk through it as if it were the house you were looking at to buy. Make a list of the things you would want to see fixed before you buy. Then fix them.

Don’t Forget to Set the Stage

Your best chance to get the highest price for your home is to move out. Turn it into a blank canvas and have it professionally staged so it can be seen in the best light. You know that awkward corner you never could really do anything with? A prospective buyer will be turned off by it and move on to the next house unless it is staged in such a way that the wart becomes an asset. You might not know exactly how to show it off. But a professional does.

It might be a good idea to put a fresh coat of white on all of the walls. You really loved that deep purple in the den. But it is too opinionated for a general audience. Make it neutral and let the buyer imagine it based on their desires and tastes.

This could be the perfect time to sell your home. And it might be the best home in the neighborhood. But you could lose thousands in value if you don’t market it like a pro, refurbish the little things, and set the stage to show it off in the best possible light.