Looking for your next go-to gym wear brand in 2021? Look no further than Muscle Republic. Whether you’re looking to up your game this season, or simply after a wardrobe refresh, the promise of integrity and style has never been greater. Here’s what you can expect from this group in the new year.

First, what are these guys really about?

Consciously choosing clothing and gym wear these days is more than just knowing it’s a local brand and following their Instagram. We want to know more and connect with the brand on a deeper level. These days, with so much shopping done online, we’re hungry for quality, comfort and something more than good branding to get us really motivated. Muscle Republic does this in a bold, zero-fuss way. It’s all about the heart. Motivation. Perseverance. These aren’t gym clothes you can just buy and hang up for later. Within minutes of tearing them from the packaging, you’d better be on your way to the gym. Muscle Republic is about overcoming challenges and becoming the hero of our own story. Nice, I’m in.

Everything insta-worthy

Don’t lie. As you scroll through the online shop you’re already picturing this on your Instagram. Not only are the latest trends part of the bread and butter of this brand, but you’ll also find them super easy to incorporate into your existing wardrobe. Simple burgundies and all the hectic speckled tight-wear that’s just everywhere right now. But there’s something for everyone. Skim down to the different categories that make this brand so accessible.

How do their products stack up?

Quality-wise, it’s unparalleled. And not in a ‘yeah they lasted for ages’ kind of way. The only reason you’ll need a replacement is if you shift size from working out. Motivation is stitched into the fabrics and you feel it at first touch. But with premium fabrics and the latest materials, you’re reminded about just how far fitness apparel has come in terms of support, ventilation, and comfort.

Aussie through and through

Part of the bonus when it comes to buying from Aussie fitness brands is their deep understanding of our unique climate and lifestyle. Using quality, versatile, and performance-orientated materials, harsh summer days are no match for the ventilation and sweat-proof design that makes the Muscle Republic brand so accessible – no matter your postcode.

For women: the collections overview

With new collections dropping all the time, you’ll want to give these guys a follow for the latest updates and sneak peeks. No matter your fitness goal or gender, the range starts at bike shorts and ends with scrappy bras and pullovers. There’s a perfect balance of simplicity and vibrant colours that make the design both timeless and eye-catching.

Training Range

All your basics are covered from full-length leggings for any workout, structured sports bras, and bike shorts. Full colours and versatility all the way – this collection has everything you need to start out. Ideal for all training modes, whether you’re a HIIT addict, Yoga, or weight training, the Training Range is ideal for getting the perfect mix of quality and versatility from only one or two pieces.

Luxe Basics

Deep coastal and pastel colours galore. For those after a lighter, more playful theme, there are purples, olives, and melon leggings to suit your favourite tops, plus the must-have midriff tank to complement your ensemble. Passable for a quick brunch afterwards, this is your perfect all-purpose pilates-wear.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Full of contour, and fun shapes, and subtle branding hints, this collection is for those who need a bit more than just colour in their wardrobe. Super modern and comfy pieces like the Muscle Republic Zip Bra and Pullover are perfect for cooler weather and ultimate support. For more intensive workouts and sports, this collection has you covered whether it’s tennis or cycling, expect a style and comfort to come together in perfect harmony.


Make a statement. This is the smouldering, striking look that is so hard to achieve these days without absolutely fudging the colours. This collection has you sorted with a simple and impactful mix of versatile leggings and bras.

United Colours

Passion is written all over this range in red, white, and black. For those hardcore MSC. Republic devotees, this is ideal for wearing both inside and outside the gym. Become part of Muscle Republic’s story with these empowering pieces.


It’s more than just a trend. Muscle Republic’s speckled range covers all the basics from leggings, sports bras, live and bike shorts. White and black variations give you room for pairing with a matching top (ideal) or even mix it up by pairing your favourite bra or shorts. Choose speckled across any of the signature Training Range styles.

Check out the latest gym wear collection from Muscle Republic.

For men

Whether you’re after some new track pants or shorts, Muscle Republic’s men’s range is complete with all the necessary basics to bulk out your fitness wardrobe. With comfort and performance-driven materials being the priority, don’t miss out on Sydney’s best.

Accessorise your workout

There’s no doubt – having the right equipment to help you reach your goals in the gym is just as important as having a phone to call with or a pen to write. It’s simple but true. We require the right tools to get the job done. Muscle Republic’s Duffle bags aren’t just the perfect size for your towel, bottle, and other belongings – may be a laptop for work – they’re also going to subtly match your gym wear.