I am studying medicine here in Waukesha, Wisconsin and when I eventually finish medical school I want to work in gynecology and women’s health. There are many men and women around the world who are doing fantastic things in this field and here in Waukesha, Wisconsin we have the fantastic Dr. Victoria J Mondloch. Victoria Mondloch is a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology and the work that she has done in her career has been pivotal in increasing the quality of treatments in women’s health issues. Victoria has a seat on the board at her local hospital and she has used her power and influence to greatly improve female medicine.


Beyond the great work which she does in the hospital Victoria J Mondloch is also a regular contributor to the medical journal which is viewed by medical professionals the world over. She has used this opportunity to speak more about the challenges which those working in gynecology and women’s health face and spreading awareness about what is needed in order to improve this branch of medicine. You can clearly see by the extra work which she does just how passionate Victoria is about this subject.


Not content with just being on the front line in her role in the hospital, Victoria also gives up much of her free time to work with researchers that are trying to find solutions and better treatments for a wide range fo female health issues. Researchers often try to encourage specialists to come forward and help them as their experience of the hospital setting is vital to uncovering new practices and better treatments for the patients.

Local Community

In recent years here in Waukesha, Wisconsin we have seen a number of programs and campaigns rolled out which aim to raise awareness and encourage women to be checked for a number of diseases and ailments. We have a breast screening program which goes out into the community, campaigns around cervical health and there are also many pop-up centers which seek to educate women on issues which they could be facing. These programs are absolutely vital to the early diagnosis of many women’s issues and at the heart of it all is Victoria Mondloch, without whom no-one of this would have began in the first place.


I first learned about this lady when she came in to give a speech in the university about the branch of female medicine and she spoke with such passion and fervor that this was what helped me to decide that it was the area that I would like to specialize in. The fact that she would take time out of her schedule to spend with passionate students is remarkable and in doing so she has certainly encouraged many of us to focus on women’s health during our studies.

A truly remarkable doctor indeed.