I had wanted to go to Miami for a very long time and last year I received some fantastic news when I found out that my good friend Patrick Dwyer financial advisor who was originally from Miami, had decided to move back there. Patrick is a great friend and someone who has found great success in the world of finance. I helped Patrick with the movie and then afterwards I was able to spend a couple of weeks in Miami at his pleasure. If you are heading to Miami anytime soon then here are some of the best activities that I would recommend.

Little Havana

For many years Cubans would escape the communist regime that they were living under and arrive on US shores, usually in Florida given its proximity to Cuba. Once processed these men and women created their own community here in Miami and it can be found in a place called Little Havana. Here the streets are filled with Cuban music and the smell of cigar smoke and it is a very cool place to visit, where you can gain a deeper understanding of Cuban culture.

South Beach

One of my favorite activities during my time in Miami was people watching on South Beach. It is here where all of the so called ‘beautiful’ people are and the rich and famous come here to enjoy the sun and the sea. As a car enthusiast I must say that I was in awe of the supercars that were driving up and down the strip, a sight to behold for sure.

Sporting Action

My buddy Patrick is a huge Miami Dolphins fan and so he organized us some seats to go and watch them play. Regardless of whether or not you enjoy watching sports I would still urge you to take in a game of football, baseball or basketball as the atmosphere is brilliant. Here in Miami they add real razzmatazz to these kind of events and in some respects the sporting action is secondary to what is going on in the stadium.

Boat Tour

On my final day I decided to kill some time by taking a boat tour around the coast of Miami and down to the Florida Keys. During this boat trip we were able to do some celebrity house spotting and whist I really didn’t think that I would be interested in this, watching those enormous mansions simply blew me away. If you like the celebrity culture this is the perfect trip for you and you can see the houses of major celebs such as Ricky Martin, Shakira and Barry Gibb from the Bee Gees to name just a few.

Miami is such a cool place to visit and if you do have the chance then you should take as much time here as you possibly can.