Maybe, one of your resolutions this year was to be as stylish as possible. We’ve all had to deal with numerous unexpected hurdles this year, but even though a lot of us are staying at home, there isn’t any reason why this time can’t be used to make improvements to your wardrobe. Here’s a quick list of a few of the staples that every wardrobe needs.


Control top leggings are fantastic for body shaping for those who might be looking to streamline their natural curves. Believe it or not, these have been around for decades (although mostly in the form of control top pantyhose), and they provide a bit of lift and some support for the buttocks and tummy areas.

Buying Things for One Occasion

We’re all guilty of this one. We might have a get together coming up and want that fantastic fall look, and feel as if we need something special to wear for this one occasion. That said, we should never waste our wardrobe money on something that will only be worn once. Instead of doing this, try to have a couple of versatile pieces. If you opt for something classic and simple rather than trendy, you can wear it quite a bit.

Does it Fit?

It isn’t uncommon for us to hang onto items that just don’t fit anymore in the hopes that one day they might. If you want to look your best at work or anywhere else, you need to get rid of those items that don’t fit. It’s also not unheard of for us to buy something that might be a bit small in the hopes that it’ll motivate us to lose those few extra pounds. However, for those who might be attempting to reduce the size of their wardrobe, this can be a horrible thing to do. Be honest and realistic; if something doesn’t fit, it’s past time for you to donate or sell it.

Does it Suit You?

On top of getting rid of those things that no longer fit, a lot of us need to get rid of those pieces that just don’t suit us. We might have bought something because it was part of a dress code, on a whim, or even because we saw it on a mannequin or another person and thought it looked great. However, due to it just not suiting us, it may have hung in the closet since it was bought. If you have clothes that just don’t make you feel comfortable and confident, they don’t have any place in your wardrobe.

Buying Bargains

It can be simple to be won over by massive discounts, and yes, you really should make the most of big sales, especially when it comes to those expensive designer pieces you’ve had your eye on for so long. That being said, you should still only buy something if you genuinely need it. Clothing shouldn’t ever be purchased solely because you can get a great deal on it. It doesn’t matter how cost-effective it was, if you don’t wear it, you’ve wasted your money.

From panic buying clothing that you won’t wear more than once to holding on to old clothing that you’ll never fit into again, all of us are guilty of making decisions that are less than sensible when it comes to the things we have in our closets. However, it doesn’t need to be that way. You’ve just read a few tips that will make space in your closet, save you a bit of money, and make you look great all at the same time.