Fantasy Football is an awesome pastime that enhances one’s rooting interests during the NFL season.

However, it could be this is your first venture into this game. Somehow you were convinced to join a fantasy football league. Without knowing what it was all about, you agreed.

It’s okay. Even though the NFL season is already underway, you still have time to become a tactful fantasy GM.

Check out this fantasy football guide for beginners that will answer all your questions.

Setting a Roster

So you’ve drafted a team. Hopefully, you used a fantasy football draft guide. If not, there will be time to tinker with your roster later. As game day approaches, you need to set a roster. A traditional fantasy roster will look like this:

  • QB
  • RB
  • RB
  • WR
  • WR
  • TE
  • FLEX
  • K
  • D/ST
  • BENCH x7

Each week you have to determine who will start and who rides the bench. The roster spots have designated positions.

The scoring is determined by how a certain player performs in the real game. Yards, receptions, and touchdowns all play a part in scoring. Your team point total vs. the team point total of your weekly opponent determines the winner.

Take a look at who you drafted. Each week examine the matchups for your players.

Is your RB going up against a great defense? You might want to bench him this week. Is one of your bench players expected to have a huge week? Move them to the starting roster.

Determine the strength of your team. Plan accordingly.

Tracking the Free Agency

It’s okay if the draft didn’t go the way you planned. More often than not the players on your big board were snatched away before your pick. This heartbreak happens to everyone.

The free agency is where you will cut your teeth as a fantasy football player. Similar to the real NFL free agency, the fantasy version plays out in two ways.

Waiver Wire

At the beginning of the season, your team is assigned a waiver position. This can be a random assignment or reverse draft order. This number is your position to claim new players.

At first glance, it may seem like there are no stars on the waiver wire. However, every season great players will emerge. This can happen via injury or rookies having break out season.

After each week you will have a chance to use a waiver to claim new players. Once you use your waiver, you fall to the bottom of the list. Use your selection wisely. Patience and timing are everything. A great waiver choice can be the difference between making the playoffs and ignominious defeat.

Free Agents

The waiver period usually lasts two days after the last NFL game of the week. After that, all the players in the free agency are open to every team. Use this period to cut the unproductive members of your squad.

Do your research. Try to find players who are set to have big weeks. There is no commitment during the free agency period. Cut and sign as many new players as you want.

Watching the Games

The final element of fantasy football is watching the games. Now, this is not strictly necessary, but it will give you a better idea of how your team is performing.

A great tool for fantasy football players is NFL Redzone. This will give you access to every game. Increase the drama each week by making some NFL parlay bets. Your Sunday afternoons have never looked better.

This Fantasy Football Guide is Only the Beginning.

Use this article fantasy football guide as a jumping-off point. You will learn through exposure to the game. With each passing week of the NFL season, you will become a better team manager.

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