CBD product

You walk into a grocery store or perhaps a cannabis dispensary. The first thing you notice is the astonishing variety of hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) products waiting for you to choose them. But each of these products work differently, and that has consequences depending on the ailment that you’re suffering from.

How do you know which wholesale CBD product to choose for maximum therapeutic relief? In this guide, we’re going to help make that decision easier, by studying the pros and cons of various types of CBD.

CBD vape juice

Vape juices or e-liquids have become much more popular, as so many people are now trying to give up smoking due to the serious health risks. While vaping is not completely healthy – especially for somebody who has never vaped or smoked – it’s a much less harmful way of getting the benefits of nicotine or CBD than smoking.

CBD vape juice is also advantageous because it is the quickest way to enjoy the beneficial properties of CBD. You don’t have to wait more than a couple minutes to start experiencing the unique relief that this hemp and cannabis compound provides. With a disposable vape pen, you don’t even have to maintain your equipment. Therefore, vaping is highly recommended if you have a hectic day-to-day life, and want to get your CBD efficiently, without delay.

CBD tincture oils

In regard to the speed of effects, tincture oils are the next best thing to vape juices. Not to mention, they are much safer even than vaping. CBD oils harness the power of sublingual absorption, which allows for the CBD to pass swiftly into the bloodstream, through blood vessels situated under the tongue. The longer that you hold the CBD oil in place, the more potent the effects are.

CBD oil works well for any condition with acute symptoms, where getting rapid relief is not just preferable, but essential. We’re talking neuropathic pain and anxiety, epilepsy and perhaps even depression. CBD oil is great as different manufacturers put their own spin on products – some use CBD-isolate extracts, other broad-spectrum extracts. Terpenes are sometimes added to CBD-isolate oils, and MCT oil is regularly mixed into make the oil stronger without the need to up your dose.

CBD edibles

CBD edibles wholesale are funky, and of course, oh so delicious. The market is so innovative nowadays, and that has brought us CBD lollipops, CBD cakes, CBD gummies and even CBD dried fruit. But let’s get beyond the style and onto the substance – why should you take CBD edibles over another type of CBD?

The main reason is because you want the benefits of CBD to last for a whole day or night. Edibles can give you this effect since the digestion and metabolization process occurs gradually. So, while you don’t get the therapeutic value of your product all at once, you can be confident that it will give you a pain-free day, or a peaceful night’s sleep.

CBD concentrates

CBD concentrates are when even the strongest vape juice just doesn’t quite cut it. These should only be used by those who really need them, as the concentrated CBD comes at a cost, whether you’re buying wax, shatter or crystals. But the benefits of dabbing or vaping in a concentrate-compatible device have no comparison.

Not only can you take an extra strength dose, but you can get it in just one or two hits, with the effects coming almost instantly. This can make a concentrate experience overwhelming for those unfamiliar, but when you get used to them, there’s no better way to relieve pain, anxiety or any other ailment if your symptoms are severe.

CBD creams

Topical products have literally nothing in common with any other type of CBD on the market. However, they have unique qualities, by virtue of the CBD being applied to the skin. You won’t experience any mental changes with creams, as the cannabinoids never reach the bloodstream and therefore the brain.

However, these products are often more valuable than your regular cosmetic or skincare choice, because the CBD works with a system that none of the others can interact with – the endocannabinoid system. Using CBD creams can ease symptoms of several skin conditions, and also provide protection against nasty infections.


No one can argue that the CBD industry is not incredibly versatile. There really is a product for everybody, whatever their requirements. If you aren’t sure where to begin, try an oil and then branch out.