The last 18 months caused many of us to rethink our workout regimes as gyms closed and we found ourselves confined to our homes. For those of you who enjoy gentler exercises such as yoga or pilates, the change to your routine may not have caused too much upheaval as such exercises can easily be done from home.

However, those of you who prefer a more high-intensity workout that gets your heart racing and your muscles working the gym may have seemed like your only option for a good workout. Thankfully, there are some great techniques that combine calorie-burning cardio with strength building for your whole body, which can all be done from home.

Read on for some great full-body workout techniques which you can do at home.


This classic upper body exercise works on many of the muscle groups in your upper body. When done correctly, push-ups target your shoulders, triceps and pectoral muscles building strength in your arms, and in your lower back. Push-ups are also great for developing strength in your core as they engage the abdominals muscles.

Push-ups can be tailored to suit your ability and strength so whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, the standard push-up can be varied to suit your level of fitness.

This time-tested exercise has proven itself by its results. Push-ups can quickly and effectively strengthen the muscles in your whole body and it is an exercise that can easily be done from anywhere without the need for a gym or any equipment.


Lunges are a tried and tested exercise that tone and strengthen the muscles in your lower body strengthening your legs, buttocks and core. The abdominal muscles are engaged as the hips move up and down and this can also provide benefits for your overall stability and posture.

Lunges also work to increase your muscle mass which can help improve your metabolism. Consider taking supplements as a way to boost your workout. Supplements such as the ones at Steel can help to improve your performance, endurance, energy levels and even assist you with muscle gain.

Plank Jacks

This relatively new, high-intensity exercise combines the plank with the jumping jack to create a dynamic cardio and coordination movement.

Plank jacks involve holding a static plank position while adding a jumping jack movement with your feet. This is a great cardio exercise that will increase your heart rate and workout your core as well as the muscles in your upper and lower body.


Burpees are  another high-intensity exercise that works out the entire body. Originally called ‘squat thrusts’, burpees combine a series of movements that combine a squat jump, plank and push up in one quick-flowing motion.

This is a great exercise for your leg muscles, glutes, abdominals, as well as your arms and chest. They are also good for overall strength and endurance and as they get your heart racing, burpees also help you to lose excess weight.

With these four exercises, you will be able to give your body the workout it deserves right from the comfort of your own home.