The kitchen is the centre of any house, and painting its cabinets or walls with new paint is the best way to give it a unique look. The options for kitchen paint colours are essentially limitless, whether one prefers neutral tones, blue tones, or white shades. 

Make sure to take the amount of lighting the area receives the design aesthetic, and the overall layout of the space, whether to go with a tried-and-true shade or an unexpected kitchen paint colour. While considering various kitchen paint colours, remember how the colour will go with the backsplash and other decor components. 

A glossy black on the kitchen island and walls can up the drama in the room, while a satin aqua cabinet colour can make a dark kitchen feel lighter and brighter. 

Why not Make an Effort to Make it Glamorous? 

It’s time for homeowners to start glamming up the kitchen area, aside from maintaining all fully functional appliances and a few decor items here and there. Here are some incredible glam kitchen ideas that homeowners might consider, ranging from an open country kitchen to a modern and contemporary cooking space. 

The following concepts from one of the best painters in Bangalore, PaintMyWalls, will cause guests to gasp as soon as they enter a stunningly renovated kitchen space. 

1. Colour-Matching Games 

The kitchen’s appearance becomes more polished by giving the walls a new coat of paint. But it’s essential to take some time and decide on the overall design of the kitchen remodel before pulling out the paint and a paintbrush. 

To create a great appearance in the kitchen, homeowners can use a variety of colours. A striking way to increase modern glam in the kitchen is to use a contrasting colour scheme. Adding dynamic patterns can easily transform any kitchen from drab to fab, regardless of colour choice. 

2. Utilise Statement-Making Fabrics 

Choosing fabrics for furniture or kitchen curtains is typically a quick process. However, a textured, vivid-coloured fabric can easily transform a dingy kitchen into a glam kitchen. Accents made of floral or printed material look best in monochromatic kitchens. 

Similar to how a simple two-toned fabric can improve the overall appearance of the dining area and kitchen. Choosing retro-styled stools will create the perfect modern farmhouse look. 

3. Magnificent Cabinets 

Who wouldn’t want roomy cabinets where they could store all of their kitchen essentials? Unfortunately, homeowners have yet to give this area much attention regarding remodelling. However, homeowners can use many abundant options today to upgrade functionality while beautifying their kitchens. 

These days, people prefer cabinets that look clean and simple. Utilising substances with a shiny, high-gloss finish by default makes achieving this look simple. A gorgeous countertop in the same colour as the cabinets sits atop high gloss cabinets. Additionally, adding brass or gold accents to the kitchen keeps the space looking modern. 

4. Striking Backsplash 

It’s open to the imagine things while designing the backsplash. It is the easiest space to design and offers many options. Use a light-coloured countertop beneath a boldly coloured backsplash to complement it. Consider a patterned backsplash for homeowners who prefer unconventional designs. 

Which design they choose to use is entirely up to the homeowners. There are numerous options to be aware of, ranging from floral to blocks and lines. Make sure to choose something that will stand out from the other features. This makes it possible to mix dark and light shades beautifully. 

5. Lovely Lighting 

Without mentioning gorgeous lighting fixtures, any glam kitchen ideas are incomplete. The ideal lighting gives the kitchen a flare and makes it look beautiful. There are so many spots where one can add unique touches of lights, like the stovetop, kitchen island, etc. 

Make sure to use some stylish chandeliers or any vintage-styled lighting fixtures. If a sleek and modern interior is something that homeowners want to go for, then nothing is better than matte black or gold linear lights. For a traditional kitchen, a vintage chandelier will work wonders. 

It’s challenging to design and remodel a glam kitchen. Homeowners should always be ready with a plan to handle each aspect of the kitchen to lessen the load. Many design options in the 

PaintMyWalls kitchen design ideas were just mentioned. These suggestions cover every aspect of the kitchen that can renovate without increasing the budget, from the ceiling and cabinets to the countertops.