With the rising interest in hemp plants, marijuana, and CBD you’ve likely asked yourself “can I grow my own hemp garden?”. Unfortunately, the answer is not so straight forward. 

In 2018 the Farm Bill was passed legalizing hemp growth and use on the federal level, leaving it up to each state to adopt, modify, or reject this legislation. As of 2020, 11 states have legalized recreational marijuana use and 33 states have legalized medical marijuana use. 

What does this mean for those looking to cultivate their own hemp garden?

Keep reading to find out more. 

Is it Legal to Grow Hemp Plants at Home?

Whether or not it’s legal to grow your own hemp garden is determined by the state you live in. If you live in a state that has legalized marijuana for medical and recreational use, it is likely legal to grow your own hemp plants. 

If you plan on growing for personal use you do not need any special licensing within one of these states. Although, there is a limit to how many plants you can grow (about 3-6), and where you can grow them (indoors). 

If you do not live in a state where marijuana is legalized for recreational use you will need to apply for a license from your state. Typically you will need to own a farm in order to be approved for this type of license.

Where Can You Buy Hemp Seed? 

If you live in a state that allows personal hemp cultivation you can likely find hemp seeds at your local dispensary or plant nursery. Hemp seeds that are “feminized” have been genetically modified to produce more female plants, and are ready for you to plant. If seeds are feminized they do not require cross-pollination. 

Edible hemp seeds that you find at the local grocery store can’t be used to grow hemp plants. These seeds are sterilized and are usually consumed for nutritional purposes. 

How Do You Cultivate Hemp at Home?

If you decide to cultivate your own hemp garden at home all you need is some time, space, and equipment to get started.

Due to most regulations requiring personal hemp gardens to be indoors, you will need some LED lights and a well-ventilated grow room to get started. You want your grow room to be between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit and to plant your hemp seeds in soil or any other grow medium. 

Your hemp garden will not flourish without providing your plants with the right nutrients. You can buy super soil or consult with someone at your local plant nursery about the best way to care for your plants. 

If you live in a state that allows personal hemp cultivation, growing hemp plants can be an easy, fun, and rewarding experience. 

Should You Grow a Personal Hemp Garden? 

If you live in one of the few states that have legalized recreational marijuana, then you can legally start growing hemp for personal use. Before you begin, remember to check your state’s laws regarding personal hemp garden growth.

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