Did you know that a typical American will spend about $1,978 on a summer vacation? This equates to a total of $101.1 billion spent on vacation during the summer. Americans love to vacation and summer is one of the most popular seasons to travel.

While travel and the number of people going on vacation will surely look different as the world recovers from a global pandemic, people will begin to look into the best way to vacation as stay-at-home orders begin to lift.

So is renting an Airbnb or hotel better for your next vacation? Keep reading to find out!

Airbnbs Are More Affordable

Is Airbnb cheaper than hotels? If price and traveling on a budget is one of your top priorities, renting an Airbnb would be the better decision. This is one of the best perks of renting an Airbnb over a hotel, you’ll get to stay in a beautiful space for such a better price.

Airbnbs tend to offer many types of discounts throughout the year which makes an Airbnb stay that much more affordable. Hotel prices are pretty set in stone but with an Airbnb, you can work out a price with the host. Negotiating a price that fits your budget is something you can’t do at a hotel.

You’ll Have Less Interaction at an Airbnb

Staying at an Airbnb is the safest option in terms of staying safe during this global pandemic. As stay-at-home orders begin to lift and more people travel, Airbnbs will provide a way to rent a room or space with less human interaction. The less you interact with others, the less likely it’ll be that the virus will spread.

An Airbnb will prevent you from having to get onto elevators with other guests or pass them by in small hallways. When renting an Airbnb you’ll also be able to check-in without having to interact with the host. Another perk is that an Airbnb will most likely have been occupied by a significantly lower number of guests than a hotel room you stay in.

Choose Your Space at an Airbnb

The great thing about choosing an Airbnb is the freedom to choose what kind of space will meet all of your needs. Hotel rooms are pretty standard and if you’ll be traveling with more than a couple of family members, a room can feel pretty cramped.

An Airbnb gives you the option of renting a small room or an entire house. You’ll have the space to fit all your belongings and rooms to accommodate everyone on the vacation. You’ll also have the luxury of more privacy at an Airbnb with shared living rooms but separate bedrooms and bathrooms.

Airbnb Will Offer More Comforts

While a hotel may offer room service and housekeeping, renting an Airbnb will feel like a home away from home. If you consider a vacation rental you’ll get all the luxuries of feeling relaxed at home with all of your favorite things.

One of the great things about renting a home instead of a hotel room is having access to a kitchen where you can be on vacation but still cook healthy meals, instead of going out to dinner every night. While the majority of hotels don’t allow pets, you can find many Airbnb rentals that are pet friendly.

Airbnb Is More Local

Common tourist locations can sometimes feel like a drag and with social distancing still a requirement in most states, you’ll want to stay away from places that attract a lot of people while on vacation. In the debate of hotel vs Airbnb, renting a place on Airbnb definitely wins in this category.

Renting a place on Airbnb will allow you to stay in a local neighborhood and discover places that most tourists won’t even bother to go to. What a great way to have an authentic experience in a new place.

Hotel Cleaning Standards Are Stricter

Cleanliness is something we should all consider before choosing where to stay while on vacation, especially in a world during a pandemic. Here is where hotels might take a bit of the win.

Most major hotels have worked with experts in the medical field to ensure that they’re following cleaning guidelines to protect guests and workers as best as possible. They’re doing this through the use of hourly cleanings with products approved by health organizations worldwide.

While Airbnb has adopted cleaning initiatives approved by experts in the medical field, hosts are not required to abide by any guidelines.

Hotels Are More Regulated Than Airbnbs

When comparing Airbnb and hotels, it’s important to note that hotels will always be more regulated. The cleaning staff will be working around the clock to make sure every area of the hotel is sanitized. A hotel has a manager and a whole group of employees there to serve you.

Renting an Airbnb, you’ll realize that everything you need you’ll have to take care of yourself, for the most part. You won’t only feel safer at a hotel but you’ll feel more taken care of when everything you need can be found in one place.

Airbnb or Hotel? We Have the Answers

When deciding between an Airbnb or hotel the right answer depends on you. Some of the reasons to choose an Airbnb or a hotel are listed above. If price and less human interaction is your main concern that staying at an Airbnb is the choice for you.

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