If you ask anyone how they want their home to feel, most of us would say that we want it to be warm, homely and inviting and the same works for your guest room! However the guest room is a little different, and it can sometimes be tricky to know where to start with decorating it. Although it is our home, we have to be careful with making our guest room a little too personalised, it has to make our guests feel welcome and not too unfamiliar. So how exactly do we style our guest room?

Décor ideas are endless in our guest room, we would advise to stick to one rule for the most part: keep it simple and stylish. However vibrant colours can add a friendly warm statement, so you can experiment a little. 

If you’re taking the plain and stylish approach, much like a buy to let property, then your options are a little bit more limited but this doesn’t mean there’s only one option. One of the best things about keeping your guest room neutral is that you can change its purpose if you no longer have use for it, such as an office or nursery!

Go for classic white cotton bedsheets, calming light walls and plus wood furniture to give the rustic natural feel. A well designed guest room will make your friends and family feel at home. Stay away from too much clutter, you want space for your guests to put their things, so keep your surfaces clear of clutter and ornaments

To be the most perfect host, there’s nothing more hospitable than giving them their own luxuriously decorated bedroom. Go for feather duvets, lots of hanging space, reading light with under-floor heating, however be careful as not all flooring choices are compatible with this, so think about your options, engineered wood and luxury vinyl tiles work with it! 

If you want to go one step further, then purchasing solid wood flooring will really give the wow factor to your guests! However this beautiful flooring choice is not compatible with under-floor heating, so just be aware of this before you splash the cash.

We wouldn’t recommend tiles in the guest room, not something you’d typically lay in the bedroom due to the cold hardness. If you want the tile look however, then you can go for luxury vinyl tiles or laminate for a fraction of the price.

When it comes to furniture, it of course depends on how much space you have. If you’re lucky enough to have a large space, then here’s a few ideas… 

If you can, always go for a double bed. It is the main point of the room and gives you the option of sleeping two guests. If you have the space and money, then go for a king sized, what could be a better way to welcome your guests than that?

If you have a smaller guest room, then there’s no reason it has to be boring and plain. Funky wall papers are a good way of adding character and warmth, without taking any extra space and give the room that bit of character.