Dealing with family violence can be very stressful, both physically and mentally. Abusive behavior in a relationship should not be ignored or accepted. The Sheriff’s Office in Harris County reported an increase of 19% in family violence, with 1128 reported cases from March to June 2020. 

If you are experiencing a violent relationship at your home in Houston, you have reached the right place for help. An experienced Houston assault lawyer will help you to fight your case in court.

Types of Family Violence in Texas

Domestic violence isn’t limited to physically hitting or abusing a person. There are different types of family violence cases in Texas.

Physical Violence: It is the most common type of domestic violence. It involved allegations of hitting, kicking, choking, or causing serious bodily damage to someone in the family.

Sexual Violence: Rape, molestation, or other sexual harassment can be charged as a sexual violence case in Houston. Harris County also ranks number one for women murdered by their intimate partners. 

Psychological Abuse: This abuse involves threatening or intimidating a person by emotional blackmail, stopping contact with the outside world, or threatening to cause serious injury.

Financial Abuse: Misusing your spouse’s money or controlling their finances is called monetary abuse.

If you face any abuses mentioned above, you should immediately reach out to the domestic violence helpline in Houston.

Ways to Handle Family Violence

Here are a few ways in which you can handle a case of family violence in Texas.

Acceptance at an Early Stage Can Stop Adverse Effect

No one can give an excuse for violent behavior. It is imperative to identify the issue at the earliest and deal with it. Dragging the relationship by giving enough chances will only worsen the situation to a dangerous level.

Stop Blaming Yourself for the Situation

Violence in the family can make you feel depressed, confused, and helpless. You might feel angry and will blame yourself in most cases as the abuser intends in most cases. 

Believe that you are not alone, and it can happen to anyone. Do not let the abuser take power and control over your life

Do Not Shy from Talking to People

People hide family violence issues to save the reputation of the family in society. Remember, it is not your fault and cannot tarnish your image. Family violence is a heinous crime.

You should talk to someone who makes you feel comfortable. Although it may be difficult and scary to talk about abuse at home, it helps to share your story and solve the problem.

Know the Laws in your Area

Under the Texas penal code § 71.004, violence against a family member is a serious offense in Houston.  

It is important to know the federal laws in your area that protect the victims of domestic violence. The fines and punishment for family violence depend on the severity of the abuse.

The charges for family violence can be as minimum as $4000 and go up to $10000. A jail sentence for domestic abuse can range from two years or life imprisonment if it is an aggravated crime.

Search Local Resources for Immediate Help

It is advisable to hire the best Houston assault lawyer to press charges on the abuser. They have a thorough knowledge of Texas domestic violence laws and can help you win the case in court.

Final Note

Having a safety plan in hand can help you deal with family abuse. You also need to ensure the safety of your loved ones. Open discussion with the kids and alerting them of the situation can curb the further progression of the crime.