Different parts of the world face different types of weather conditions. There are some parts that experience extreme cold and some that experience extreme heat. You will also find locations where the humidity level in the atmosphere is pretty high most of the time. It is needless to say that high level of humidity can easily damage your precious furniture, clothing, electronics, and wallpaper as seen here. It can also make some parts of your house extremely musty and unbearable. The best way to deal with this situation is to use a dehumidifier. It is especially important in your basement and washing rooms, where the dampness is normally higher than the rest of the house.

About Haier

Amongst the several reputed Chinese companies, Haier can be considered as a big name. It is basically a Chinese collective multinational consumer electronics and home appliances company, which has its headquarters in Qingdao, China. Haier Group Corporation manufactures, designs, develops, and even sells its products all across the globe. Its range of electronic items include computers, air conditioners, mobile phones, dehumidifiers, microwave ovens, washing machines, refrigerators, and televisions. In terms of Volume Sales, Haier happens to be the Number One Brand for Major Appliances in the entire World.

How to Choose a Suitable Dehumidifier?

Just as the name suggests, a dehumidifier helps to get rid of excess moisture from the air, as a result of which, the level if dampness around you reduces considerably. This, in turn, overcomes indoor humidity. High level of humidity can easily give rise to mildew, dust mites, and mold. These can cause large scale damages to your health and the entire structure of your house. There are several types of dehumidifiers available in the market. Choosing the right one is important to get the most out of the appliance. When you shop for a dehumidifier, there are certain factors to consider. Some of which have been discussed below for your knowledge.

  • Size of The Room: The type of dehumidifier you buy is largely dependent upon the size of the room where you wish to use it. According to the size of the room, you will have to choose a dehumidifier with the right capacity, which is normally measured in pint. It is basically the amount of moisture the machine can remove from the air in a time span of 24 hours. It is always better to opt for one size bigger than the optimum size so that it works properly without any problem.
  • Emptying the Dehumidifier: When it comes to emptying your dehumidifier, there are 2 basic choices. You may either use your hand to empty the water reservoir or you may opt for a dehumidifier that comes with a hose, which helps to get rid of the water as it accumulates. The first type will require you to remember when to empty the container in which water collects. However, you can place such a dehumidifier anywhere you want. On the other hand, the second type is rather convenient when it comes to emptying the water container as the machine does it automatically. However, you will have to place the dehumidifier near a drainage system so that the water can run off through the attached hose.
  • Humidity Level and Indoor Temperature: The performance of your dehumidifier depends a lot on the indoor temperature and humidity level. If the humidity level is pretty high, it makes sense to go for a high-capacity dehumidifier. Even if the room temperature is on the lower side, it can easily compromise the natural performance of the appliance.

Haier Dehumidifiers

Haier has a wide range of dehumidifiers for its customers. Thus, choosing the right one may take time and proper considerations. Amongst the various types, some of the models are highly appreciated by consumers. A few of the popular models have been discussed below.

Haier 70 Pint Dehumidifier HM70EP

This 70-pint dehumidifier by Haier neatly combines convenience and power. Said to be the best amongst the lot, this Haier dehumidifier comes with one of the largest water collection reservoirs that is capable of holding up to 18 pints of water at a time. Designed to remove a lot of moisture from the air, this machine uses almost 750 watts of energy to work smoothly. Since it is a high-powered dehumidifier, it is suitable for rooms with a size of around 600 square feet. Although the large sized water collection reservoir means less monitoring, it still comes with a full-bucket alert system for your convenience.

Haier 50 Pint Dehumidifier

If you have a room in your house that experiences extreme damp conditions, then this 50 pint dehumidifier by Haier will be a good choice for you. As mentioned by the name, it is capable enough to get rid of almost 50 pints of moisture on a daily basis. It comes with a digital humidistat, electronic controls with dual speeds plus smart dry feature, as well as, a 24-hour timer. There is also a bucket-full alarm, which is quite loud. The water collection bucket with this dehumidifier is also pretty large in size and also comes with a handle to make emptying convenient for you.

Haier 45 Pint Dehumidifier

Aptly suited for homes, this dehumidifier is designed to get rid of 45 pint of moisture on a daily basis. In this size category, it also happens to be the most popular in the market. Apart from getting rid of 45 pints of moisture, it can also ensure proper health for you and your entire family. It does not demand much maintenance and is rather portable, which helps you shift the machine to different parts of your house rather easily. It comes with a smart dry automatic feature that gives it the power to get rid of 45 pints of moisture every day. It comes with electronic controls, 24-hour timer, digital display, different fan speeds, and a standard garden hose that helps to get rid of collected water. It comes with a 6-feet long power cord and easy to roll casters.