When it comes to wearing colored contacts, there are a lot of conflicts between what people say, and what people do, as well as what doctors recommend. The main thing you need to consider is that colored contacts are one of a kind lenses, because they actually change your eye color, which means that they often require care much like regular contact lenses, even if they’re not prescription. In this guide, we’re going to answer the big debate and let you know whether or not colored contact lenses are safe.

Just How Safe Are They?

Well, first of all, you do need to keep in mind that even if you are ordering prescription contacts, you need to be careful. Contact lenses of any type are a foreign object, and when you’re inserting them to rest on your eye, you need to make sure they fit perfectly. This is why in the United States; you need to get a “prescription” from a licensed eye doctor in order to buy them. It doesn’t by any means that colored contacts are unsafe at all. 

When you have colored contacts, what is important is that you pick the right prescription size so you don’t have higher chances of damaging your eyes or your corneas. If you don’t have a prescription for colored contacts, then you can buy non-prescription lenses, but you should at least consult your eye doctor and see what they say. Many are pretty keen on understanding their patients’ needs, and writing a prescription for you as a guideline on what lenses to pick if you go with a reputable private online seller.

Once You Get Measured the Hunt is On

You want to make sure that the lenses are exactly what you want. The good thing about most lenses though, is that you take care of them and dispose of them properly (you can usually wear a pair of contact lenses safely for about a month if they’re hard lenses. If you purchase disposable lenses, then you need to know that they are generally worn one day before they’re thrown away. However, some brands can actually be worn for longer periods of time, even if they’re not hard contact lenses. These are often called extended wear contacts. Just remember to keep them soaked and safe in sterile solution every night.

Also one thing you want to look for when you buy colored contact lenses, is the application that you’re getting them for. Do you want to land that job? If so, then the main thing you need to understand is that you’re not going to get a job with blood red or possibly the more popular “blackout” contact lenses, as they generally give off a sense of insecurity and employers want to see that you can be more natural. Therefore, the best option is to go with something stunning, yet subtle.


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