Motorcycle riding is enjoyed by millions all over the world. Riding a motorcycle is an enjoyable experience. With every ride conquered, you grow not only as a rider but also as a person. 

Riding is an adventure cocktail of amusement, thrill, and a rush of adrenaline. However, riding comes with its own set of dangers and following safety precautions is very important to continue to enjoy it. Following the appropriate safety protocols can considerably reduce the risks of riding 2 wheeler vehicles. The best place to start with the safety discussion is with your riding gear. 

Many components make a complete riding gear, like a helmet, jacket, gloves, boots, toolkit, and more. While the importance of all these different components is already popularly known, the importance of motorcycle boots is most commonly ignored. Read on to know why you shouldn’t be skipping adding motocross boots to your riding gear.

Motorcycle Boots

It is very usual for somebody to consider motorcycle boots just a fashion statement and not to consider them as safety gear. This has resulted in a common misunderstanding that motorcycle boots are unnecessary and just a market trend. Many think there is no difference between a purpose-built motorcycle boot and your regular pair of shoes. Well, that’s not t

A recent study concluded that, in a motorcycle accident, the rider is most likely to impact the accident on the lower half of his body. It also found that 57% of the crashes occur at low speed and have a ground impact. This increases the possibility of the weight of the bike falling on your leg. 

Armoured Panel

Motorcycle boots have armoured panelling, which helps in reducing the impact of the fall on your leg. The average weight of a motorcycle is 700 pounds, and in an accident, the weight of your motorcycle might fall on your leg. The armoured panelling reduces its impact on your bone and muscle. 

Heat and Fire Resistance

An accident is likely to result in an oil leak. It can also escalate to a fire hazard. Motorcycle boots are made up of abrasion and heat resistant material. Which aid in withstanding friction and heat incurred during an accident. 

Functional Use

Besides the safety features, motorcycle boots also come with some functional features. They have a toe shifter panel. The overall rigidity of the boots help in quick shifting and help you with tight braking as well. The soles of the boots are also purpose-built. They are more rigid and stiff, which helps you connect with and control the motorcycle in a better fashion.   


If you haven’t already, consider adding motocross boots to your riding gear. While purchasing your motorcycle boots, you should look into the safety features offered, like the panels added and the materials used while checking the functionality by looking at the rigidity of the boots. There is a wide range of variety in the market to explore. You should look into it and choose a pair that best fits your preferences. 

Motorcycle boots add to the comfort of the ride while bringing safety and functionality onboard. These boots have amazing longevity, to withstand falls, friction, heat and fire. You need not replace these very often, but starting to use a pair while riding is a necessity. Soon, we will be over the myth that motorcycle boots are only a fashion statement and not a necessary part of your riding gear. Investing in motorcycle boots will help in the long run and also help you ride better with every ride.