When you have an open fire in the home there are a number of accessories and tools which you need to go with it. The most important of these items is the screen which is placed in front of the fire itself. This screen is used for a number of reasons and the most impotent role that it plays is to prevent the embers from the fire from leaving the heart and landing on the floor. This is especially important in homes which have a rug or a carpet in the room, as a single ember could very quickly lead to a fire.

Because of the fact that this screen will be placed in front of the fire, it is important that you get the design right to add some real character to the heart. Black fireplace screens are preferred as they reflect some of the heat back into the fire, helping to manage the temperature, and they also look great. Here are some black screen designs which you could consider for your fire.

Spark Guard

If you want something simple that will allow you to see the flames flickering in all their glory then a basic spark guard could certainly be a good choice. These screens use tightly wrought mesh to protect the sparks from coming out and because there is a lack of design features the fire can be seen perfectly well.

Ball and Claw

A ball and claw screen is one which is also quite simple but does add some stylish touches on to the top of each side of the screen. Again this is a wonderful option for those who want to see those but also want the spark protection with a little touch of style. These are freestanding and can be easily moved when you need to get into the hearth to clean or to stoke the fire.

Contemporary Screen

If you have a deep set hearth then a contemporary, no-mesh screen could be a great look for your room. These don’t have any functional value which is why you should ensure that you only place them in front of fires which already have plenty of space in front of them. If you so wish you could opt for a very basic mesh in front of the fire and then set a contemporary screen further forward to give a really stylish look to the fireplace.

Classic Wrought Iron Style

If you prefer something a little bit more classic then you can get some delightful screens which have those curled, wrought iron touches to them. In many cases you can get this look without having to pay out, as many create this style yet use different materials in order to achieve it.

This choice is ultimately going to come down to what space you have, was type of fireplace you have, the design in the room and your overall budget. One thing is for sure, black is most certainly the finest choice.