Unlike traditional e-cigs a rechargeable vape pen gives you the chance to constantly refill it with whichever vape juice takes your fancy. These pens have seriously grown in popularity in recent years and today we are going to take a look into the pros and cons of this product.

There is an enormous range of pens out there on the market from sleek and handy pens to larger devices which are great for home use. No matter which product you decide is best for you, these are the benefits of using this kind of pen for your vaping pleasure.

Pros of Using a Rechargeable Vape Pen

Let’s start with the advantages of using this kind of product for vaping.

Juicing Up

Some will say that one of the pros of using disposable vape pens are that they don’t have to be charged up, but we say that this is in fact a point for the rechargeable and one off the disposable. Having to throw a pen away each time you have used it really doesn’t make too much sense, and that is why being able to keep your pen at full charge more often is a great idea.

No Waste

Above all else the fact that you should be wasting a disposable pen doesn’t make much sense and there is great damage there from an environmental point of view. Mostly these pens are made from plastic and that is something which the world needs less of, not more.

More Options

Disposable pens have the liquid portion permanently attached to them, and that means that there are no choices with regards to switching up the flavors. When it comes to a rechargeable pen however, you can add whichever flavors you see fit.

Cons of a Rechargeable Vape Pen

There are of course some downsides of this kind of product, but the pros do certainly outweigh the cons.

Maintenance Needs

Sometimes these pens do need a level of maintenance such as cleaning and fixing any broken parts, which of course means that you have to spend more time on the pen. The hope is that the pen will last for a long time but that will only happen if you have a good level of maintenance.

Cost of The Pen

In terms of up front costs the disposable option is far better here, and this is why those who only vape lightly may prefer that choice. Over the long term however we must say that the rechargeable pen is a cost saving option, but long term use is required in order too actually realize those savings.

The choice is up to you of course but for our money all people who enjoy vaping would be better off if they chose a rechargeable vape pen. The reality is that the benefits far outweighs the disadvantages and from both a cost and a usage point of view, this is going to give you the best experience for your vaping.