So they say, behind every great man there is a great woman and this is certainly the case when it comes to Jeff Lupient Wife. I first met Jeff during our days at Hamline university when he first began dating his current wife. Jeff had dreams from an early age of running his own auto company and that is what he would eventually go on to do, creating a highly successful business here in Minneapolis-St. Paul Area, Minnesota which has gone from strength to strength in recent years. For Jeff however, being the president and CEO of his own automotive group is not easy and whenever anyone asks him what his secrets are for survival in business, he reminds them that it is his wife who makes this easy for him, and here is why she is such a star in his eyes.


Jeffrey W. Lupient is an intelligent man and someone who has always made great decisions when it comes to business and he attributes his wife to many of the decisions that he has made. Jeff Lupient has always bounced any decisions which he makes about the business off his wife who has then added her own input and opinions which helps Jeff to make good decisions.


Jeff’s wife grew up here in Minneapolis-St. Paul Area, Minnesota and her father was a highly charged individual with a great work ethic. Jeff’s wife took on this hard work ethic and she is constantly a driving force behind Jeff. In fact, Jeff will readily admit that there are days when he doesn’t feel motivated or that he loses sight of his goals and it is his wife who will motivate him in such a situation. Jeff Lupient MN finds strength in his wife and that ensures that he too remains motivated when it is required.


When the kids came along it was of course a tough time for Jeff as he was under high pressure within the business at that time, trying to grow it to become the success that it currently is. During this time his wife was amazing and she took on a great deal of the responsibility back home so that Jeff could focus on growing the business further. This meant that Jeff could go about his day job knowing that everything was alright back at home, ensuring that he wasn’t stressed out about such responsibility.


Because his wife knows hi inside-out, Jeff can always rely on his wife to know exactly what kind of mood he is in and help him when he needs it. For example, she will take Jeff out for the night if she sees him under pressure, she will leave him alone if that’s what she thinks that he needs and she will also give him a kick up the butt when he needs it too. This knowledge is what helps Jeff so much in his relationship and in his work life.