Financial Advisor

Do you know what a financial advisor does? Jared Seyl Denver based expert certainly does and he is a man who has been financial advising for many years now here in Denver and in Greenwood, CO. We wanted to find out  more about this career choice and so we caught up with Jared over a coffee last week to find out exactly what goes on in the world of financial advice, and he was very kind to share with us his own personal experience as well as breaking down exactly what kind of roles and responsibilities this job entails, let’s take a look.

Wealth of Knowledge

We began talking about independent financial advisors and Jared surprised us in saying that the majority of people who do this job have come to the profession from elsewhere in the financial world. In fact, Jared himself worked for a long time in insurance, specifically farmers insurance, and he didn’t begin working in financial advice until he was almost 50 years of age. The reason for this is that in order to do well in this role, one must have a wealth of financial knowledge, which is why previous experience in finance is recommended.

Personal Clients

For any independent financial advisor, the majority of their clients will be people looking to work with their personal finance goals, although he does have a couple of small business owners on his books. In general, the clients are looking at savings and retirement plans, they may be looking at ways that they can invest what they may have already saved and, in a nutshell, they want to make sure that their money is working for them. Beyond this Jared often works with young couples as they seek out the best mortgage options or finance choices, something which he finds very rewarding.

Data Processing

We often view financial advisors as being fountains of knowledge about almost every type of financial market, but this does not come easy and much of Jared’s time is spent on researching what is going on in a range of industries. In a single day Jared and financial advisors like him may work with a young couple looking for a mortgage, a wealthy pensioner looking to diversify their portfolio and a single mother looking at putting savings plans together. This means that Jared must understand what is going on in all of these aspects of the financial world which is why the last few hours of his day, or perhaps the first few, are usually spent doing his homework on any changes or new products which may be taking place.

For Jared, being good at this job is all about having strength in your convictions and being able to offer your clients the best advice that you possibly. The only aspect which he doesn’t enjoy about the position is the sales aspect, but he understands that in order to get clients, you must be able to convince them that you are the right man or woman for the job.