Owning a firearm is one of your most important constitutional rights. After all, nothing is more crucial than protecting your family.

Perhaps you’ve been considering buying a gun but think they are too expensive. Don’t panic. You’ve come to the right place for a solution.

Believe it or not, learning how to make a gun is easier than you might have imagined. The key to learning to build your own gun is a matter of understanding a few important tips and having the right materials.

This article takes a look at easy steps for how to build a gun. Keep reading for insight into how simple the process really is.

Gather the Materials & Tools

Building a simple pipe gun requires a few basic materials and gunsmithing tools.

Here are most of the items you’ll need to construct a basic 9mm pipe gun: 4 inches of quarter-inch nominal steel pipe, two steel pipe couplings, a quarter-inch pipe plug, two rubber bands, a thin metal strap at least 5 inches long, a nail, two wood screws, and a drill.

Inspect the Pipe for Flaws

In order for the gun to fire properly, you’ll need to make sure there are no cracks or other flaws. Use a 9mm casing to gauge the accurate size of the pipe. The casing should easily slide in and out of the pipe without getting stuck.

Make the Stock

Next, create a stock out of your piece of wood. The stock should be shaped to comfortably fit your hand. Now drill a 1.43 cm hole and slide the pipe through the hole in the wood.

Drill a Hole in the Pipe

Use a power drill to drill a hole in the pipe for your nail. This will serve as your firing pin.

Bend the Metal Band

Now bend the metal band into a U shape. This will serve as a basic hammer that will cause the gun to fire.

Attach the Metal Bracket to the Back of the Wood Grip

Once the metal bracket is attached, use the rubber bands to create tension against the firing pin. When you have all the parts properly assembled, you should be able to pull back the firing been, then release it, causing it to make contact with the bullet.

Test Fire the Gun

Keep in mind that constructing an improvised pipe gun can be extremely dangerous. The key is to measure everything meticulously, and then exercise caution when firing.

When test firing, you need to position yourself with a barrier between you and the gun. A wall or tree will suffice. Now secure the gun to something solid and use a string to trigger the firing mechanism.

Be sure to wear eye and ear protection in the event that something goes wrong.

Tips for How to Make a Gun at Home

If you’ve always wanted to own a gun but don’t have the money, this article can help. These tips for how to make a gun at home will provide the blueprint for a project that is fun and will also help protect your home from intruders.

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