Are you looking to take your makeup game to another level? Looking to create beautiful styles and shades with your eyes? If so then a makeup palette is the ultimate tool for you. If you have not used one of these palettes before then we have some handy tips which can help you to achieve the perfect look. The key to getting this right is playing around with different options, as much of the final result will depend on the individual characteristics of your face and the shape of your eyes. Let’s take a look at how you can use this palette to create a great look. 

Start Off With The Basics

There are multiple palettes that you have to choose from, featuring a wide array of colors and tones. To get started, however, it is a good idea to look for neutral tones, as this is going to help you to get used to blending and creating looks with various shades. Once you have cracked the basics, you can branch out to more colorful options to suit your style. 

Applying a Primer 

The first step is to apply a primer layer across your eyelids. What this will do is form a foundation to prevent natural oils from smudging your eye makeup. No matter how good your eyes look, if you have failed to add a primer, the makeup will smudge very quickly. 

Building Up a Base

To build a base you should start with a neutral color, which will complement the other hues which you plan to use. Aim to use a color that is darker than your natural skin tone, this will provide you with the best results. Use a big, fluffy brush to add this layer. 

Creating the Contour 

In order to start adding some shape to your eyes, use a short brush that has bristles that are tapered, and look to bring a darker color than the base color into proceedings. This will be applied to the creased area of the eye, which is where the eyelid naturally folds. 

Blend For Objectivity 

Remember that it is the end result we are looking for, so don’t worry if you don’t like how your eyes look right now. Using a blending brush, smooth out any harsh lines which you may have created between adding the base and the contour layers. What you are aiming for is a seamless and consistent color across the eyelids. 

Bright and Light with an Eyeshadow Palette

For the final step, you will need to use your favorite eyeshadow palette and pick a shade that is lighter than the others that you have used so far. What you need to do here is simply dust the top of the eyelid, from one side to the other. This is what will give the shimmer effect and it will bring all of the shades together as one. 

You will need to practice at home until you get the perfect color and tone right for your individual style. The key is not to be discouraged. This process may seem tough, but with practice, you will get it right.