When it comes to betting on football there is an enormous range of markets which you can use to try and win some cash. In fact football betting above all others has the most markets and if you can choose one or two which you focus on, your chances of success really will grow.

The biggest benefit of placing sports bets online is that many betting companies now offer the chance to place bets in-play. These betting markets enable you to place your bets having already gotten a feel for the game and how it is looking. There are some in-play bets in particular which can really yield some great chances to win, and these are our favorites.

Over 0.5 Goals

When it comes to in-play betting the best strategy is to bet big on low odds, rather than trying to hit the jackpot. A perfect example of this type of bet is placing money on there being just 1 goal scored. Naturally if you do this in the first 20 minutes then the odds will be awful, but if you find an exciting game which is still 0-0 after say 70 minutes, you will find some very favorable odds. Over 75% of goals scored in football are between the 65 and 90 minute mark, giving you a solid chance of success.

Yellow Card

Betting on a player to get booked is a great option but only if you are actually watching the game. You can tell within the first 50 minutes of a game just how a player is going about the game, perhaps they have already been warned by the ref or they may be going into tackles with that little bit extra. Another opportunity for yellow card betting is when a team is a single goal up going into the last 5-10 minutes of the match. The reason behind this is that many players like the goal keeper will be looking to waste time, and more than happy to take a yellow card for it. Very often you can get odds of 10/1 and up on a single player getting booked.


We generally like to bet on over/under corners at halftime or around the 60 minute mark. With this you have to understand situations which are going to lead to corners, for example does the team have tricky wingers? Is the defense the type to hoof the ball clear at every opportunity? Does one team specialize in set pieces? Is there a favorite who is losing and will look to bombard the opposition box? These are all questions to ask yourself before placing this bet. If you decide to place £10 on over 9 corners for example, you may get better value placing £7 on over 9, £2 on over 10 and £1 on over 11, giving you more chance of winning a sizable amount if the corners come in.

Remember to always try and watch the game that you are betting on before placing your money down.