There are relatively few ways in which you can both have fun and make money online. Mobile slots are one of those ways. You get the thrill of taking a chance on winning every time you play, and you don’t have to get out of your pajamas to do it!

Interested in learning more interesting facts about mobile slots? You’ve come to the right place! Read on for some little known facts.

Online Games Aren’t Rigged

The main concern most people have about playing casino games, especially online slots, is that they’re rigged. However, you have the same chance of winning the first time you play as you do the 500th time you play.

How is this done?

Winning at an online slot machine is done through random number generators (RNG). Each time you spin, the computer creates a sequence of numbers that correlate to the possible results.

The game creator has no influence on the result you receive—it’s completely randomized. This means you don’t have to worry about playing the game for a certain length of time, your odds of winning stay the same each time you spin. The only benefit to playing longer is that you have more spins and thus more chances to hit the jackpot.

How Did the Fruit Symbols Get on the Screen?

The fruit symbols on slot machines have been around since the early 20th century when the first slot machine was first created. There’s no specific meaning to the fruit symbols, rather they were part of the evolution of images on the machines.

The first slot machine was called the Liberty Bell. The Liberty Bell was a three reel slot that had six symbols including a horseshoe, star, spade, diamond, heart, and, you guessed it, a cracked bell. If the player spun three liberty bells in a row, then they would get the biggest payout.

Eventually, the game evolved into the games you know and love today, like the double bubble slot!

Slots Payback Determines the Number of Winners

Each state has a set required payback rate, and this includes online mobile slots. Payback describes the payout percentage, which is how much each player should, in theory, get back for each dollar they spend. Generally, slots with payback rates of 97 percent or more are considered generous.

Some states have a really low payback rate, like Nevada’s 75 percent requirement. Online casinos, however, typically payback between 95 and 97%, significantly higher than what you’d get at a brick and mortar casino.

Ready to Get on Board with Mobile Slots?

Unlike in casinos, mobile slots don’t require you to sit in a smokey room with someone waiting in the shadows to hop on your machine and steal your luck when you get up. Plus, online slots have higher payback rates, ensuring you have a higher return on your investment. It’s no less thrilling, and you get to play on your own time in your own home!

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