Many homeowners have basic preparation for painting. They know that it is important to use protective rags, use painters’ tape, and paint well. But do you know that a golf ball can help maintain paint quality or painters’ tape can make it more manageable.

As in case of DIY house painting, if you know some extra painting techniques you can get more high quality results. Accumulating paint correctly and using appropriate tools can ensure that you can prevent blemish and coat surfaces evenly.

These eight DIY house painting tips can enhance the quality of your work and save time and money in the process, whether you’re preparing to sell, change your décor, or regularly maintain your home decor.

Preparation work

Many people do not perform preparation work before painting their walls. It can lead to too many imperfections in the paint job. The prep work involves washing the walls, sanding, scripting, printing, and smoothening the surfaces before painting them. You can use a garden hose or pressure water to wash the walls. Use a scraper to remove the scrapes of old paint and a sanding machine to remove the little imperfections. Don’t forget to fill the crack holes with plaster of Paris or white cement.

Don’t forget to Prime.

Primers are not merely diluted paint but formulated to create a solid and uniform base, seal the stains to ensure that the paint bonds strongly and smoothly to the surface. Most homeowners prefer using latex primers, but professionals always use alcohol or alkyd primers as they cover almost any imperfection. The type and quality of primer can affect the appeal of the final coat.

Buy Good Quality paint.

Flat paints are good for ceilings and outdoor areas, but not for living rooms or bedrooms. Instead, by glossier paints, as they are stain-resistant and offer a high visual finish to your walls. Paint experts recommend eggshell gloss for kitchens, hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Multiple coats

It is good to apply two or three coats of paint as they make the color pop out more. Whether you paint yourself or get it done by professionals, make sure to let the first coat dry completely before applying for a second one. It will make the next coat stick better and offer a smooth finish.

Use the right equipment.

It is essential to use the right equipment while painting the walls and other surfaces in your house. For some surfaces, brushes are good to use, while for others, you need rollers or sprayers for the best finish. For example, it is best to use rollers on walls and sprayers on metal surfaces. Rollers absorb more paint and spread it uniformly on the walls, but on the corners, brushes work well as they produce a clean finish. Brushes also create a textured effect on the walls, but you need to choose the ones with correct bristles.

Paint the trim, then the ceiling, and then walls

You need to follow the correct sequence, although there are no rules for perfection. Paint the trim first, then paint the ceiling followed by the walls. The reason behind following this sequence is that it is easy to tap off the trim than the walls. If some paint gets off to the walls while painting the trim, you can cover it later. Tape off the trim once the paint dries up and then paint the ceiling before painting the walls.

Deep cleaning

If you are not able to complete the paint job without stains on the surfaces, you don’t need to worry. You can use a deep cleaning technique to remove all the stains within a few minutes. You will need some dishwasher soap and rubbing alcohol. If that does not work, you can use turpentine that most painters use to remove stains from surfaces. However, you should use these chemicals in limits, and excessive use can remove the paint itself from the surface.

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Expect Touch-ups

Mistakes are common during a paint job. Even professionals make mistakes while painting. You can’t be perfect if you choose to paint yourself. You should keep a sponge brush with you to blend the patches with the rest of the surface or wall or woodwork. Simply dap the sponge on the paint to mimic the appearance of a roller.

Final Words

These are the home painting tips from professional painters that you can use to paint your home. However, it is not possible to get the premium quality finish by painting on your own. Therefore, it is best to hire professionals like Aqua Painting Sydney to get the high-quality paint finish that you want for your home or office.