Pure freshwater is the need of every individual. Whether people work in an office or stay at home, they need pure water for drinking and survival. Clean water keeps you healthy and protects you from illnesses. However, in addition to good health and keeping your body hydrated, freshwater offers many other benefits.

A water cooler is a device that delivers chilled water anytime. You can install it in your home and office. Now, what are the benefits of a water cooler in an office? It offers you chilled water anytime in the office that you can enjoy in the breaks. However, having a water cooler in the office is more than having chilled water. Let us explore all the good reasons to have a water cooler in your office.

Easy access to water

When a water cooler is installed in an office, it offers the employees easy access to water. The present day water coolers are fitted with a purification kit that also purifies the water. Moreover, they come with two taps; one delivers chilled water while others deliver hot water. Some also come with three taps; the third one delivers normal water. So, a water cooler enables the employees to have cold, warm, and normal water without the need to bring water bottles from home.

It supports company culture.

No business can prosper without a solid foundation of employee engagement and internal culture. Employees must feel comfortable and confident in developing a positive company culture. Culture is often born out of shared interests, many of which have nothing to do with work. No matter how you look at it, a cooler chat helps improve company culture by bringing people together on a more personal level.

Enhance Productivity

Having water several times a day keeps employees happy, healthy, and productive. Research shows that people who stay hydrated during the day are 25% more happier and productive at work than those who don’t consume enough water.

Environment friendly

Most of the water cooler recycling available today uses plastic bottles and other environmentally friendly materials. The plastic bottles used with bottled water coolers can also be cleaned and reused. Therefore, present-day water coolers don’t cause any harm to the environment in any way.

Counteract energy slags 

The first hour after a lunch break is probably the least productive time within a company. Digestion of excess food slows down the body and slows down the mind as well. However, a hydrated body helps keep the mind relaxed and more focused on any task. Headaches can also be common in offices due to the work related stress. A water cooler counteracts these effects.

Healthy and Happy employees

Illness and absenteeism can mean for a business more than money. Promoting and maintaining good health among your people can be done in many ways, and yes, you guessed it, installing a water cooler is one way to do it. Hydrated employees are healthy. Healthy people mean a healthy immune system and productive employees.

Enhanced collaboration between employees

For employees to work together on a project, there must be trust and respect between them. One of the best ways to optimize collaboration is to get employees to interact with each other on a more personal level. Allowing them to break up and discuss non-work-related topics can help improve this relationship, ensuring that they feel comfortable collaborating with each other and doing amazing things.

Water cooler chats improve engagement.

Employee engagement can enhance the performance of a business. Give staff members time to talk to their colleagues at the company. Such a communication helps build trust and friendship among employees, ultimately creating a friendly atmosphere in the office.

Employees who simply introduce themselves and follow the movements are often described as disgruntled employees. Everything collapses when the level of participation falls, but it is a common problem for many companies. Fortunately, the participation rates will improve if you allow employees to relax and communicate around the water cooler.

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Final Words

Now, as you understand the importance of installing a water cooler, you can get one for your office. A good quality water cooler can change the atmosphere of your office and make your employees healthier, happier, and productive. So, get a high-quality water-cooling system from a reputed company like Cooee water Brisbane and see the improvement in your employee’s health and productivity.