The first 85-degree day of summer is not the time to discover that your AC won’t turn on.

Everyone takes advantage of the fact that the lifespan for an air conditioner is 15-20 years. They’re often the last thing to get an annual check-up.

All this neglect leads to a costly disaster.

We’re not talking about dealing with too much sweat on a hot day, either. Plenty of other hazards lurk in your AC unit and duct system.

You’re probably asking, “How can I save my air conditioner?”

Educate yourself on common AC problems. Once you know what to look for, you can stop an AC disaster in its tracks

The Dangers of a Moldy AC

Turning off your AC to save money during the cooler months seems wise. But during that downtime with no airflow, mold flourishes inside your AC unit.

When you turn the AC on to cool off later, those mold spores spread through your home.

Mold can cause the following problems:

Left unchecked, the mold will infect your entire home. Mold remediation can cost up to $6,000 if more than one room needs to be cleaned.

Cleaning your air conditioner requires a little bit of AC know-how. You must be able to remove certain panels and know which areas are prone to mold problems.

It’s easier to call in an AC expert to check your system for mold. This way the job is done safely.

At no point should individuals, families or businesses try to undertake complicated procedures when it comes to cleaning their aircons. 

Health experts suggest that you should always go for air con servicing by a Brisbane specialist when it comes to dealing with hazards such as mold. The simple reason is because molds are dangerous and can cause breathing hazards instantaneously. 

Are Rodents Causing My Air Conditioner Problems?

Mice and rats love to find warm places to build their nests. The insulation in your AC unit makes the perfect rodent home.

Rodents are messy. Their droppings and urine create a build-up in the AC unit. If it isn’t cleaned, it will cause the moving parts to seize up.

These pests also chew on everything. If they get into the air conditioner’s wires, it can cause a fire.

Their favorite place to chew a hole is in the system’s ductwork. This provides them with a hidden freeway to use while looking for food.

It also exposes you to dangers like hantavirus. This virus spreads through the air when infected mice droppings are left in AC vents.

Summertime Troubles

Going without a reliable air conditioner in the summer is dangerous for your health.

Signs that you’re overheated and need help include:

  • Low blood pressure
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Muscle cramps
  • Dizziness
  • Fainting

The best way to combat overheating is to sit near a fan. Stay hydrated. Don’t over-exert yourself.

Before summer begins, schedule a visit from your AC repair technician. 

Don’t Let AC Problems Ruin Summer

We all want our families to remain safe and comfortable during the long, hot summer days.

Don’t get caught off guard by unexpected AC problems. It can cost around $4,500 to replace the entire unit. Annual maintenance is far cheaper.

Instead of worrying about mold or mice, you’ll spend the summer saying, “I love my air conditioner.”

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