Have you always wanted to learn a musical instrument, or are you looking for a way to get your kids playing? Live online music lessons may be the most affordable and flexible way to find a quality music education.

The future of learning is in live streaming lessons. You can learn from skilled, practicing musicians around the world with live video-streaming lessons. Live online music lessons give students a chance to get real-time feedback from instructors. It opens up face-to-face interaction from anywhere in the world. In the world of music, where details like the placement or movement of fingers, or one’s posture while playing can make or break a performance, lessons need to be a two-way street.


Talented musicians are drawn to cultural centers with opportunities to play music professionally. Practicing classical musicians live in cities with professional opportunities, from orchestras to conservatories.

Even beyond the classical world, musicians tend to cluster in the same cities and neighborhoods. But you don’t have to live there yourself to find these talented instructors. With live online music lessons, you can live anywhere in the world and learn from talented, professional musicians.

One way to sign up for live online music classes is through musicU.Live, a company that connects music instructors from around the world with students. They offer music lessons in English, Spanish, and Japanese and provide students with a simple and safe way to pay for remote music lessons.

Why Learn Music with Instructors from Around the World?

Global learning can expand your perspective on music. If you’ve ever dreamed of studying abroad but haven’t been able to afford it or to go for other reasons, learning music from instructors around the world can give you valuable insights and a new perspective on learning.

Cultures across the globe can offer very different styles of education that open up new ways to learn and develop your skills as a musician. Cross-cultural exchange can enhance your understanding of music and the instrument you’ve decided to play.

Why Are Live Online Music Lessons Better?

What are the benefits of live online music lessons for both adults and children? Live online music lessons are called “Tier 2” education. Working with a music instructor in real time with live video means they can listen to you play and give you live feedback. It’s the next best thing to face-to-face music lessons, but with live online music classes from musicU.Live, you can meet with instructors from anywhere in the world.

On-demand videos don’t provide you with the live feedback that’s so essential to learning and playing a musical instrument. Live classes with educated, highly-qualified music instructors will help you hone your technique and playing style.

Find the right music instructor to help you take your passion for music to the next level. Learn how to play guitar, piano, violin, flute, or many other instruments with live online music classes available through musicU.Live. Global learning and live video will help you take your music education further than it’s ever gone before.