Presidents Day is celebrated annually on the third Monday of February in honour of the lives and accomplishments of the nation’s presidents, particularly George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Although it is a federal holiday and has been one since 1879, it is not a public holiday in all states. Some states have a different name for the holiday (in fact, the federal government still officially calls it Washington’s Birthday). On Presidents Day, there is usually no postal service, some banks may be closed. However, most businesses remain open, and some even offer big sales and discounts just like Cyber Monday.

presidents day

As a federal holiday, Presidents Day is an excellent opportunity to teach kids about our country’s leaders and their good deeds, and help instill a sense of patriotism in them. What better way to learn about the presidents and still have fun than to throw a Presidents Day party? Here are some party ideas to keep your Presidents Day celebration enjoyable.

Dress up as US presidents using costumes/masks made of school supplies

Using a bit of creativity and some paper, scissors, crayons, and other materials found around the house, let your kids and their friends create their own president-inspired costumes and masks. You can also download free printable masks from Printable Learning and let them color it.

Have a US presidents/history quiz bee

Test your knowledge about our nation’s great leaders by having a fun trivia game. Gather facts about US history and test your kids’ knowledge by asking whether each item is true. Give a small prize to the guest that answers the most questions right.

Create president-themed arts and crafts

One way to keep little hands busy during Presidents day is by working on simple but fun arts and crafts project such as the do-it-yourself Abraham Lincoln top hat using household materials. Check out the instructions at Printable Learning.

As a US Citizen Presidents Day can be a fun holiday for everyone and kids can learn something new in a fun and enjoyable way with these party ideas. Happy Presidents Day!


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